I really wanted to spill my guts
But I knew that I'd just mess things up
And I wanted to tell you the truth
But I had no substantial proof
(Kind of like always...)

Not that it would really makes things change
Cause no one has real control
Take me as an example
I didn't want to be born
And if I had the choice I'd take it back
Cause I'm afraid of death, but

(Chorus A)

In the grand scheme of things
It really doesn't matter
And by the end of time, I assure you
Our history will be worthless...

Well God was afraid of the dark,
So He turned on the slightest dim light, and decided to name it "Life"
Now the only drawback is, that He cannot sleep at night...
But what's it matter anyways?
It's been said that time is meaningless,
The Sun implodes in just 90 zillion days...
I bet we'll all be afraid of the dark come then...
(Repeat 2x) (I know I will...)

But the color of the sky is of no consequence
When I've got my head down.
(And when I've got my head down...)
I'm just another face in this useless crowd
And no one even knows the color of my eyes...
Cause I won't look in their's...
Cause their's will soon be gone
(As will our's in not too long...)

(Chorus B)
But, in the grand scheme of things
Nothing really matters
And by the end of the night, I assure you
This song will be forgotten...

(Repeat Outro 2x)
So why should we fucking bother,
With anything at all?
(Anything at all...)
When nothing's really real?

(Repeat 2x)
Why do we exist? Ya...

(Repeat 2x)
(Abrupt Ending)