Crown with no Thorns

Homecoming king on a rooftop ledge

Preaching to a group of people listening

Standing back and observing the scene

I stop and look to the next building

Dark faces across the way

Who've never seen the light of day

Skulls masking their innocence

Blackness confines, hides their existence

Crown man standing on a pedestal

Looking over and calling them fools

Judgmental words cutting them deep

And I'm the only one who weeps

The Goths hear his every word

But he doesn't give a damn about their world

One cries out I'm not afraid to die

Running off the edge she gives her life

I see her drifting through the air

Falling like a feather

To the sidewalk, splatter

Lying all alone

She never had a home

Why sir, do you wear that crown

A crown that has no thorns

Have you ever mourned

I know a man who walked this earth

Not afraid to walk through dirt

Knowing what it means to hurt

Can you learn to love the others

Of a different color

The black is just a cover

For a soul that lives within