Author's note: Yet another song from my world of Dragondust. This is supposed to be a drinking song, so any feedback whether it works as one is greatly appreciated.

This song deals with the birth of the God of, well, alcoholic beverages. He was born last after a star fell on the land (a meteor, more likely). First came the Dragons, then the twins Death and Despair/Oblivion and last, but certainly not least, Nomme, the God of booze.


Wine and Ale

O Wine, lead my hand, and Ale, tune my lyre,

Sweet Mead, warm my heart in winter and fall,

Sing of lost tales, of skies spitting fire,

Of dragons' high flight and horrors that crawl.

Hey, lass, fill our mugs, come fill them anew!

Our horned God of vine, here's drinking to you!

- - -

O Wine, play my flute, and Ale, lead my hand,

Of dragons now sing, of Making and Calling.

Say naught of the silence that fell on the land,

When Death and Despair from ashes came crawling.

Where now the long days of unruffled bliss?

Ashes and dust in a burning abyss.

- - -

What else crawls alive through cinders and dust?

The vine and the hops, clear sounds of laughter,

Lads and young lasses that dance full of lust,

The songs and the tales from now to thereafter

Reciting the deeds of dragons and men,

Here's to our horned God, drink now, drink again!