My stomach is clenching so hard right now
I don't even know what to feel
How could this happen in this world I've known
Such violence and destruction seems so surreal

I can't even cry, though I can feel the tears inside of me
I feel like throwing up, I'm so sick
Who do you think you are, to do this to her
You're just a bloody faceless prick.

No more words to express how I feel
Pain, rage, hurt, disgust

The rain will fall, the clouds will form
But He is the calm of the storm
And He will strike you to the floor
And then you will breathe, no more.

I hope you die.
I really do.
And maybe then,
You'll be scared too.
I don't want to feel
Anything for you
I hope the guilt
Gnaws away at you
I hope you live
Knowing every day
That there's someone out there
Who's looking for a way
To find who you are
And tell you to your face
That you're a bastard
A living disgrace.
Don't forget this day
Because if you do
It will only come back
And swear to haunt you.

And now I leave you
And hope that you're sorry for what you've done

May the grace of God be with you.
You will need it.