SCrEweD Up

i liKe thIs

this odd, twisted smiLe of mine

i Like how i look when i'M angry

and crazy

i lovE wheN yOu're in pain

When you bleed as i once did

it hurts me more to see you smile

than to see you cry

i enjoy my eerie silence

WHere blankness can take over

It feeLs good to bE so bad

with mY black eyeliner

and my slit wrists

yOU can call me a loSer

and a freak

but i laugh in ecsTasy

because that Is the truth

yes, i'm strange

but my gLare is what haunts you

i sit with gLee in my Heart

As you fall down those stairs

as you die

it's loVely to sEe

The Horror on your facE

as i kill you here

with a lopsided grin taking over my features

evil Coursing tHrough me

your bones cold and splintered

with your body crushed

ANd i'll walk away

in silenCE

with a smirk

just for you




-something special in this freeverse if you know how to find it-