I walked into the dingy bar.
Smart Armani suit;
Golden cufflinks.

Walked up to the plastic bar top
Slammed a twenty down
Shot a smile at the bar man
Ordered a double, straight.

He looked me through
Squinting eyes. Bar was empty.
He stood, ready to fight or flee.
Neither he did, but moved back
To the glinting optics, his eyes
Nailed to me.

My thoughts turned morbid
In the long three hours of silence,
Broken only by my nods for more
Devil's spirit. Closing time
Rolled around too soon.

I was still thinking.

Starting to leave, broken by the
Taint of my mind, I was stopped.
The barman was speaking
The first time this evening.

"Don't do it.
Yes, there is a bridge at
The end of this road, but
It leads to nowhere off the sides."

I smiled with grace. How could
This simple man understand?
He had no possessions. No
Smart Armani suit;
Golden cufflinks.
How could he understand me?

But he saved my life
As I staggered into the cold
Biting night air, I realized
He was right.
I never returned to the bar again.