Sounds of Love Chpt 1: A Lover and a Friend

By Knightmare Elite

"Oh my god I can't believe this is finally happening!" Marissa shrieked as she ran into the dining room.

Today was the day Marissa both longed for and dreaded. After a one year online relationship, Marissa was about to meet the person she fell in love with. It did seem awkward to actually meet Sumi.

They were the best of friends online and in personal letters. Every day after work Marissa raced home to check her emails. It was ritualistic to be greeted with a warm message from Sumi.

After a three year relationship gone sour, Marissa was finished with dating. Her ex-girlfriend, Lindsey had become a total bitch towards the end. She used Marissa as her materialistic outlet. Being a doctor, Marissa spared no expense in showering Lindsey with lavish gifts.

She soon learned everyone had a price, and she overpaid Lindsey. It grew to the point Lindsey had to eat out every night. They had to go to fancy restaurants, and she had to have a new dress each time. It was a serious strain on a once honest and loving relationship.

To stay home and cuddle was completely out of the question. Lindsey wanted Marissa to be seen and not heard. She was broken into doctor's income and fought to reap its benefits.

Making matters worse Lindsey seemingly lost interest in Marissa. Many nights Marissa had to beg for sex, and even then Lindsey didn't want to mess up her new $200 hairdo. Marissa had enough and threw Lindsey out. It was a painful separation, and Lindsey promised to change.

Whether it was the fear of being alone, or fear of starting over, Marissa took her back. The relationship was heavenly with cuddling, spoon feeding each other desert, and sex lots and lots of sex. At the top of Marissa's emotional high, Lindsey slowly returned to her old ways.

She began to ask for the platinum credit card to go shopping, then to the spa, then tanning and then to make her car payments. After a night of semi passionate love making, Marissa locked herself in the bathroom and wept. She cursed herself for being such a fool.

There was a soft knocking at the door, "Baby are okay you in there, what's wrong?"

"Just go away!" Marissa cried.

"Baby don't be like that. Come back out here I'll make you feel good."

Marissa cried harder knowing she would get up and open the door. She would then lie on the bed and have sex with Lindsey. That was how Lindsey dealt with any problems they had.

She was an absolute godsend in bed, and Marissa didn't want to loose that. But she needed more, she wanted to someone to talk to, a real friend. Lindsey wasn't interesting in cuddling together and watching old movies.

Lindsey didn't like to read; rather she stared at the pictures in Marissa's dirty magazines. Her idea of a good evening was going to a five star restaurant, or getting an herbal bath at the country club. These things were nice coupling activities, but lacked any real substance.

Marissa wanted a friend and a lover in one. She wanted a girl she could just talk to and cry with, and at the same time passionately embrace and fall asleep in her arms. Such a person seemed a mythical delusion to Marissa, but her heart could only take so much.

On Christmas Eve she officially ended it with Lindsey for good. After they exchanged presents Marissa dropped the bomb. The breakup didn't seem to faze Lindsey like the last time. She was calm and collected standing to her bombshell. Lindsey asked Marissa to open her present.

Marissa opened the long box finding a silk teddy to her surprise.

Lindsey stripped naked and put on the teddy. She gave Marissa the most apathetic stare and then led her to the bedroom. They made love for the last time and it was the best time. Lindsey was her most gentle and nurturing as it taunting Marissa.

"Merry Christmas baby and I'm sorry I'm not the girl for you," Lindsey softly whispered to Marissa peppering her body in kisses.

Finally coming down from her orgasm Marissa wasn't sure how to feel. She looked up seeing Lindsey's barrier finally shatter. Her eyes filled with tears as she got off the bed.

"Lindsey wait," Marissa unnervingly called, her voice was shaken with guilt.

"You've already made your choice; maybe it's for the best. You're a great girl Marissa and you deserve more than I can give you. I'm sorry, but for the record you're awesome in bed," Lindsey said in her final goodbye.

"No don't go I'm sorry, please," Marissa begged as her eyes stung in the coming tears.

Lindsey stopped mid step, "I'll come get my things while you're at work on Monday, it'll be easier that way." Lindsey wiped her eyes dry and left the room, house and Marissa's life.

It was a lonely Christmas for Marissa. She cried herself to sleep that night finally a free woman. In her mind, Marissa was sipping champagne and tearing up Lindsey's pictures. The reality was Marissa spending Christmas her crying in bed. She massaged the sheets against her naked body, anything to keep the faint essence of Lindsey.

"I'm so pathetic," Marissa wept.

She cleaned herself up on Monday returning to the hospital. The weeks afterward were a downward spiral. Marissa grew more withdrawn, spending most of her time in the doctor's lounge.

By suggestion of a fellow doctor, Marissa joined a local online friend service. She was skeptical at first hearing so many horror stories. Marissa kept it safe giving as little info as possible. Still she found a Japanese American woman named Sumi Hagiwara.

They became friends after a few weeks. No matter what was on Marissa's mind Sumi would listen. She was extremely supportive and understanding. Sumi never once made Marissa uncomfortable in the experience.

As time went on Marissa felt more relaxed with Sumi. She even began smiling thinking about Sumi. It made her worry that she was developing a crush on a stranger.

Eventually they exchanged pictures, and Marissa was glad Sumi couldn't see her blushing face. After five months the friendship became a sort of relationship. They had so much in common especially in entertainment. They enjoyed all the same shows; an even better Sumi was a bigger book worm than Marissa.

By the eighth month the attraction blossomed into what Marissa feared. She had fallen in love with her best friend Sumi. They began to write real letters to and exchange real photos. Marissa even took days off from work just to talk to Sumi. They communicated in almost every way except on the phone.

Sumi would always change the subject or grow quiet at its mention. She didn't seem the secretive type, but seemed more than meets the eye. Sumi did answer any question Marissa asked. She revealed she was a secretary at a major law firm in the area. She still seemed shy on that one aspect.

Marissa talked on the microphone, but was always kindly asked to type. She wondered if it was because Sumi may have had an accent. After finally buying a webcam, they both enjoyed video IM's. That led to the inevitable admission of true feelings.

It was Sumi who first admitted how strongly she felt for Marissa. She related many nights of lying in bed thinking of Marissa. Her hands would caress her body imagining they were Marissa's.

Marissa took a deep breath and admitted she too pleasured herself. After that Marissa and Sumi had cyber sex via webcams. For Marissa it was the most spiritual moment of her life. Even if she couldn't touch Sumi, she felt Sumi's love and warmth encircle her body.

After that nearly every night before going to bed they would cyber. Marissa desperately wanted to meet with Sumi. She have fallen in love with a woman she never physically met, a woman who's voice she couldn't even hear. Marissa so desperately wanted to hear those three words from Sumi.

Finally on their one year anniversary they made a plan to meet. It would be at Marissa's house for a romantic dinner.

"Ok Marissa you can do this, it's only Sumi. She might think I'm a dork for being so nervous; no she might be a little nervous too. I hope she is it'll be a lot easier to talk. God I can't calm down I'm gonna explode.

Hmm what's the first thing to do when I see her? Should I kiss her or hug her. A kiss might seem to rash, but we've seen each other naked so many times. But a hug is more sensitive…oh shit it's her!" Marissa babbled hearing the doorbell ring.

She ran to the door stopping for one last look in the mirror. Marissa's long brown hair hung neatly in curls. It brought out her gray eyes at times. Tonight everything had to be perfect.

Even her even gown was new; it was specially tailored to accentuate her bust. Not to say Marissa was actually busty, but she wanted to make a good impression. Besides Sumi already seen everything Marissa physically had to offer.

"Ok deep breath, pleasant thoughts and smile," Marissa coached as she walked to the door.

Marissa turned the handle and pulled the door back. Her breath explosively pounded in her chest seeing Sumi. The blonde haired blue eyed woman stood in the sweetest smile. She wore a short purple dress with matching bow in her hair.

"Please come in," Marissa airily invited.

Sumi looked into Marissa's eyes and gripped her heart with a gentle smile. She stepped inside Marissa's home for the first time. As they stood in the doorway together, Sumi's hand brushed against Marissa's.

She took the hand in hers and rubbed it against her cheek. Marissa's hands rubbed against the tears now falling from Sumi's eyes.

"Why are you so quiet?" Is something wrong?" Marissa asked seeing the look of sadness in Sumi's eyes.

Sumi frowned and again looked into Marissa's eyes. She reached into her pocketbook and pulled out a small two way communicator. In the keypad Sumi typed something and turned it to Marissa.

Marissa curiously looked at the screen and read the message, "Marissa I didn't want to tell you this before, because I was afraid you wouldn't like me. But I have to be honest with you now. I'm deaf." Marissa looked at Sumi who nodded and nervously looked to the floor.

Marissa looked at Sumi seeing if it was a joke, but her expression was absolutely serious. She continued looking into Sumi's almost sky blue eyes. The expression never changed, the same was for Marissa's feelings.

"I don't mean to stare, I just never expected this. It doesn't change things…Sumi I like you. I really like, and I want this to work so badly. You don't understand how badly I wanted to see you.

Sumi I love you, god I've wanted to say that to you for so long. I'm such a dork acting like this. Now that I think about, it all makes sense. That's why you read so much, and have we almost all the same favorite authors. We're even in the same online book club.

You're everything my ex wasn't. She hurt me so much and barely paid any attention any to me. All she wanted was to be glamorous and pretty, but the only good thing was our sex life…shit I didn't mean it like that," Marissa stopped completely embarrassed.

"You idiot! Don't bring up your ex in front her, and especially your sex life. She might think I'm promiscuous, but what if she's like Lindsey. I can't go through that again.

Don't be like that, look at her, she's so beautiful and she always listened to everything I had to say, but now that I think about it she kinda had to. But her disability doesn't mean anything, it shouldn't. She still Sumi, the person I fell in love with," Marissa mentally debated.

Sumi giggled at Marissa's awkwardness. She typed another message in the communicator.

"You don't know how happy this makes me feel. I love you Marissa," Marissa read.

"Can you talk at all?" Marissa asked.

Sumi typed another message, "I can talk but not well I assume. I've never heard my own voice; it embarrasses me so I don't speak." She showed it to Marissa then wrote another. "That's why it's easy to communicate on the internet, I'm a normal person there not a handicapped woman."

Marissa's lips quivered in her selfish desires. She had honestly imagined at first meeting, they would forgo the meal and commiserate the relationship. The physicality of the relationship was dear to Marissa.

Having been alone for so long she was accepted the mutual masturbation. It was the closest she had been to Sumi. In the depths her orgasm, Marissa watched Sumi scream and writhe in the chair. She always imagined the dirty things Sumi moaned.

All the emotion, sadness, joy and loving culminated to this moment. The lavish dinner Marissa fawned over, the absurdly expensive dress she bought to impress Sumi, even the full manicure and pedicure, and it all meant nothing in the face of this beautiful woman before Marissa.

Sumi stood content with simply being with Marissa. She smiled and stroked Marissa's arm, she felt the muscles relax beneath her soothing touch.

"You're nothing like her, all you care about is me and not what I have, I'm such an idiot," Marissa frowned.

Sumi shook her head and hugged Marissa. It was but a small gesture to show her infinite affection. Everything felt warm and fuzzy nuzzling against Marissa. She could stay that way for hours if not for her impending hunger.

"Come on let's eat, I've been waiting for this day for so long. You're so beautiful," Marissa smiled.

She sat Sumi at the large dining table in complete adoration. Everything about Sumi was so natural, from the way she smiled to her quirky mannerisms. There was nothing about Sumi that screamed 'deaf'. They after all had a year long fully functional relationship.

"I feel bad now for all those times I talked you to death over the mic," Marissa pouted.

Sumi smirked and shook her head. She placed both hands over her heart and mouthed thank you.

Marissa dished out their dinners, dimmed the lights and put on some soft music. She thought for a second and was about to turn it off, and then she smiled and left it on. Marissa promised herself not to make an issue of Sumi's disability.

Sumi had a sip her wine and typed up another message, "I may not be able to talk, but I can moan like a bitch in heat because of you."

Marissa nearly spilled her wine reading that, but was intrigued by it as well. She hoped to hear those moans, but for now Marissa began a new relationship based on a sacred silence.

Well that was the end of the first chapter. Not really sure if I'll really continue this. It's more of a just for fun thing, but anyway leave comments and stuff.