Sounds of Love Chpt 31: Lollipops

By Knightmare Elite

Yey, more anime con goodness! I suppose I should clarify something about the tone of this chapter. It may appear that the story is going in a certain direction, fear not. It isn't. Consider the anime convention, the calm before the storm. Oh yes, a storm is definitely coming. Enjoy.

"Just when I think you can't possibly be any cuter, you go and show up a room full of diehard—um, what's that term again?" Marissa asked.

"Bronies!" Sumi, while peeking from behind her newly acquired, life sized Twilight Sparkle plush, cheered.

"I can't believe that woman sewed this by hand!' Marissa curiously walked around the four foot tall purple pony. "So what are you going to do with it?"

Due to the sheer size of her plushie, it was mounted on a customized purple wagon for easy hauling. Answering over one hundred trivia questions was no easy feat. As a diehard time fan of the series, Sumi systematically destroyed her competition. Having all questions transcribed on the big screen was merely icing on the cake.

Sumi tightly snuggled her plushie as a woman stopped to take her picture. "This is go…ing in my bed…room."

"Joy, yet another creepy set of eyes to watch us have sex," Marissa grumbled.

"Don't frown." Sumi took Marissa's hand and put it on Twilight Sparkle's mane. "Isn't she cute?"

Marissa ran her fingers through the multicolored hair. It was a special type of dyed synthetic hair, each strand individually woven into the head. A similar application was done for the tail. "This actually feels like real hair…freaky."

"I know!"

"Okay, I get that she's a pony, but what's with the horn? Did a unicorn and a pony have a baby? Aren't unicorns bigger than pon—wait, what the hell am I saying. Unicorns aren't even real," Marissa groaned.

"She's a unicorn pony, silly," Sumi, while grasping the handle of her wagon, clarified.

"Of course she's a unicorn pony," Marissa, in an exhausted sigh, acknowledged.

Already finishing the Lost Girl panel, Marissa posed for pictures with the cast, preordered the first two seasons, and bought a sticker for her work locker. With Sumi wearing her alternate, Mina Tepes school uniform, Marissa was less apprehensive about her girlfriend wandering around.

"You'd think people would have gotten over me as a Mord Sith by now. There are way prettier girls walking around, some half naked," Marissa, with eyes trained on a passing Faye Valentine, admitted.

"Marissa look!" Sumi held her communicator before her distracted girlfriend. She followed Marissa's gaze to the young woman at a merchant table. "Her cost…ume sucks."

"Be nice. Everyone doesn't have a world class seamstress for a mother." Marissa turned her attention to the communicator, gasping at the images. "What the hell, our picture is front and center on the entertainment section. I didn't know the convention was that popular."

Sumi giggled as she scrolled down. "Read the blurb…"

"Yesterday kicked off the San Diego Anime Con, a three day celebration of all things otaku and geeky. Fans traveled from all over the country, cosplaying as their favorite characters. There are even a few professional cosplayers, who go show to show with extravagant likenesses of their chosen character. This year, the biggest buzz comes from overnight sensation known simply as 'Marumi', an adorable lesbian couple in absolutely stunning costumes.

"We're pop…ular," Sumi said.

"Why is the world so infatuated with lesbians? It's one thing to make a fuss about our costumes, which was rightly justified. But, it's still annoying they had to put emphasis on our relationship." Marissa returned the communicator, flicking back her ponytail as people continually snapped the duo.

"How co…me you al…ways act like you're in the clo…set when you've obvi…ously not?" Sumi questioned.

"Being gay is just one small aspect of me; I don't let it rule my life. All of us aren't like that. I try and live the most normal life I can, with the sweetest and most beautiful girlfriend in the world." Marissa knelt before Sumi and she could feel the leather gripping her curves. "I guess I'm just sensitive about how people perceive us."

"Shh." Sumi held Marissa as eyes fell upon the public display. She looked into those troubled eyes, and smiled with all her natural radiance. Forever kissable lips parted in words of assurance, "Keep calm and don't blink."


Sumi giggled, as did a small crowd.

Blushing, Marissa stood to her feet. "Is that what they call trolling?"

Sumi held Marissa's hand and pulled her wagon as they walked about the vendors.

"MARISSA is that seriously you!" Tina yelled.

Marissa stopped and followed the voice. "Shit!"

Sumi looked over, gasping wide eyed at Tina in her Power Girl costume. "Holy huge boobs Batman!"

Marissa leisurely walked toward Tina, freely looking over her costume. "And here I thought Denna was unjustly endowed."

Chin length platinum blonde hair highlighted the roundness of Tina's face. Her eyes were crystal blue, perfectly embellished against the pale of her skin. Tina's costume was truly homage to her figure, as was to her character. She posed with balled fists on slanted hips and legs crossed. Her windowed breasts were no less spectacular in their compression.

"Be honest, how do I look?" Tina turned her head ever so slightly for a picture. "I was so amped last night. I was even okay an hour ago when I was changing in my hotel room. As soon as I stepped in here, I felt so self conscious. Everyone's staring at my boobs. Do you think I made a bad choice?"

Long staring at Tina's pronounced breasts; Marissa quickly lifted her gaze to the blonde bob. "I didn't mean to stare. I hope this doesn't make things weird between us."

"You're a bea…utiful Po…wer Girl," Sumi complimented.

"Aw, thank you." Tina blushed in the sincerity as she watched Marissa's struggling eyes. She felt along Marissa's leather clad arm. "Your costume is absolutely amazing. Seriously, you make one sexy Mord-Sith."

With a focused stare into Tina's 'crystal' blue eyes, Marissa smiled. "Thank you. I agree with Sumi, you look beautiful."

"Can we just get the elephant out of the room?" Tina crossed her arms, bringing further attention to her chest. "You've always been straight with me—well; maybe that wasn't the right choice of words. What I mean is, I consider you a friend and I value your opinion. Are the girls too much of a distraction?"

Marissa sighed as her eyes wandered south. "It's amazing how much of a difference the right top makes. Even in just your bra, they never looked this big. Tina," Marissa clasped hands beneath her chin as her thoughts finally cleared, "You have large breasts, and at the slightest indication of that, people are going to look. Your costume is for the lack of a better word, permissible staring. From the pictures Sumi's shown me, you make a perfect Power Girl. I do have one question."

Relieved, Tina nodded and gave her friend a hug. "Yes?"

"You didn't actually cut your hair did you?"

"No, it's a wig." Noticing Sumi's curious gaze, she leaned over and kissed a blushing cheek. "What happened to your other costume? That was downright sexy, if you look past the whole lolicon aspect."

"It was barely a step above lingerie. Some of the things people were saying were disgusting!" Marissa, with arms proactively around Sumi, related.

"I get what you mean. It was still a hot photoset. Well, I guess its okay to say this since we're outside of work." Tina took a deep breath as she looked Marissa over. "If I were into women, I'd seriously try to get you in bed. I've never seen this side of you, skin tight leather with those sweet Latin eyes."

"Are you coming on to me?" Marissa blushed, looking around as people continually snapped photos of the trio.

Tina shrugged. "Maybe it's just the atmosphere. Would you think less of me if I brought a cute guy back to my room today? …it's been a while."

"Go for it!" Sumi urged.

"Sumi!" Marissa gasped.

Tina looked into the crowd, catching many enamored gazes. "One thing I do love about nerds, they appreciate the hell out of women if you get my drift."

"Oh my god Tina, this isn't a singles bar!"

"Marissa, calm down," Tina laughed.

"We had sex last ni…ght, and this mor…ning," Sumi admitted.

Marissa's face turned three shades of red as her shoulders fell. "I won't judge you."

"Thank you; now let's have some fun, shall we?" Tina suggested.

Sumi leaned heavily against Tina with arms crossed. "Soft Lollipops."

"And yet if a guy did this, I'd slap the shit out of him." Tina noticed the four foot tall pony behind Sumi. She ruffled the hair, surprised at the texture. "Feels real."

"It supposedly cost over a grand. Sumi won it in a trivia contest. I bet with enough support, she could sit on it. On second thought, heads would explode," Marissa said.

Tina looked at Sumi and the pony. "She's definitely light enough to sit on it. Why not?"

Barely catching Tina's lips in time, Sumi was curious of their conversation. "Why what?"

Marissa rolled her eyes. "Tina was saying you should sit on your unicorn pony thing. You'll get mobbed, and then little kids will want to sit on it."

"Let's do it!"

"Awesome!" Tina shot up a hand in support, causing a swift upheaval of her right breast to anticipated eyes.

"The weirdness never ends." With Tina's help, Marissa lifted Sumi's pony out of the wagon. Thanks to a titanium skeleton with flexible joints, Marissa was able to 'sit' the pony.

Sumi climbed atop her pony, and it was hoisted to standing position. "Weeeee!"

"So, she's a vampire Japanese school girl riding a magical unicorn pony." Tina took out her phone and began recording. "She's too cute to be 26."

"I want a picture too!" Marissa ran next to Sumi, smiling.

"I'm recording, hold on, let me switch over," Tina said.

"Excuse me," a tall man in a three piece suit, called.

"May I help you?" Marissa asked.

"Actually, you can. I'm Tom Saxon, one of this year's cosplay judges."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Saxon," Marissa, in a firm handshake, greeted.

"Nice to m…eet you too," Sumi, with a much softer handshake, greeted.

Not one to be left out, Tina graciously shook Mr. Saxon's hand. "I'm just a friend."

Mr. Saxon uneasily nodded, averting his eyes from Tina's windowed bust. "I won't take up much of your time. With the popularity of social media, we've introduced a new award category this year: Epic Cosplay. All the power is completely in the hands of our fans. As people upload pictures to our official page, they get voted on. Once they receive a certain amount of votes, they move up a tier."

"I'm taking a shot in the dark here, but are all the finalists' women?" Tina asked.

Marissa smiled at the semi logical conclusion.

Mr. Saxon turned on his tablet and checked the scores. "Actually, there were two males in the top three, Vash the Stampede and Edward Elric. Our site crashed three times during voting as those two were a distant second and third. Our unanimous winner with two hundred thousand, six hundred and eighteen votes, Mina Tepes and her Mord-Sith, also known as Marumi. Congratulations."

"We won? Two hundred thousand complete strangers voted for us?" Marissa asked.

"Yes, and I am here to officially present you with a trophy, and prize bag valued at $300. Of course, that includes two platinum passes for next year's convention. The ceremony isn't for another three hours; we're letting the winners know ahead of time as to have them available on the premises. In the mean time, may I take your official photograph?" Mr. Saxon asked.

"Sure," Sumi, clutching Marissa, said.

Tina stepped aside, admiring their affection, even if for a picture. "Why can't I meet someone like that?"

Marissa waved as Mr. Saxon and the official photographer left. She turned to Tina, helping to put Sumi's pony back in the wagon. "Well, the Bloody Kisses panel doesn't start for another hour, want go out for lunch? I saw a nice café."

"Wouldn't we stand out, being in costume?" Tina asked.

Sumi lifted Twilight Sparkle's leg into the wagon and panted. She looked up at the conversation in progress. "Lunch?"

"Yeah, we're going to a local café since we have some time to kill. All the local business should know about the convention, so it shouldn't be an issue if we go in costume. Besides, there's no way in hell I'm taking this thing off for an hour, just to put it back on again," Marissa said.

"You're not the one with your tits on display." Tina glanced down at her frame, catching Sumi leering. "It's still nice to be admired."

"Mind if we stop off at our room to drop off our things?" Marissa asked.

Sumi hugged Marissa by the waist as they walked toward the lobby. "Want to pl…ay in our hot tub?"

Blushing, Tina's eyes flicked from Sumi to Marissa. "I don't have a bikini…"

Marissa stopped, turning to face her flustered coworker. "Don't get all bi-curious on me. I'm sure we can find you something in one of these stores."

"I can't wait," Sumi giggled.

"Okay, I admit it, I'm a little bummed that I didn't place for my costume. It's not like the place is teeming with Power Girls. As a matter of fact, I think I'm the only Power Girl. There's over a dozen Super Girls, lame," Tina observed aloud.

"Be happy you have those," Sumi, with a finger pressed into the plush of Tina's breast.

"If only they were worth more than free drinks," Tina lamented. She leaned against a vendor's table, reading the insert of her Infinite Stratos Complete Collection. With a 10% cosplay discount, on top of the normal 35% on-location discount, Tina was racking up on series and movies.

"That's not true. You're a do…ctor, that takes br…ains not boobs," Sumi argued.

"Like I said earlier, if you're looking for a nice guy who wants to treat Tina Lolli like a princess, you're at the absolute last place," Marissa said.

Tina pressed off the counter and browsed the next table. She noticed a preteen couple walking past. They walked briskly; hand in swinging hand with matching tote bags. "Is even that asking for too much?"

"Your priorities are so out of whack. Three hours ago, you were looking for a cute guy to screw your brains out. Now you're looking for Johnny Apple Pie to take home to mom and dad." Marissa leaned against the table as did Tina. "Can't believe I'm saying this, but, maybe a tussle isn't such a bad idea. Sad Tina is no fun."

Tina surveyed the crowd, catching many leering eyes on her chest and thighs. "And what are my odds of whisking away an over enthused, yet, clueless virgin?"

"You're hot, that's not a bad th…ing," Sumi boldly admitted.

"Coming from an ageless, petite sex kitten, that's sweet." Tina lifted Sumi's gloved hand and gently place a kiss on folded fingers, "And this was a pleasant surprise."

Marissa frowned as her girlfriend went seven shades of adorable. As a condition of their Epic Cosplay award, the winner(s) had to be in their nominated costume. There came a discomforting arousal, watching Sumi prance around in the thinly guised lingerie once more.

Tina scooted closer to Marissa as someone stopped to snap a group picture. "You look…distracted."

"I've just had a long day," Marissa admitted.

"I hear you. Crazy how time flies at these things. It's almost time for dinner. Speaking of which, want to go out proper tonight? My treat," Tina suggested.

Sumi perked up on an emptying stomach. Before she could agree, a lingering desire prioritized itself. "Still wa…nt to come in the hot tub wi…th us?"

"Right about now, that sounds like an excellent idea. Either that, or a deep tissue massage," Tina said.

"Actually, our suite comes with those. We can get a massage, and lounge in the tub for a bit before going out for dinner," Marissa said.

"We did stop at that boutique during lunch," Tina teased.

"Yes, and you refused to show us the bikini you bought. Please tell me it keeps them restrained," Marissa fretted.

"And then there are times when I remember you're gay," Tina laughed.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Can I go naked in your hot tub?" Tina sincerely asked.

Marissa balled her fists, swallowing as her face phased a most betraying tone. "I guess so."

"I don't mind," Sumi, with enlarged eyes, said.

"It'll be fun. No funny business, I promise," Tina pledged.

"You are straight, right," Marissa wearily asked.

Tina smiled and took Marissa's hand. "Don't read so much into things. We're just having a girl's night."

"Right." Marissa picked up her bag and trophy as they headed out.

Sumi grinned ear to ear at the prospect of skinny dipping with a Mord-Sith, and Power Girl. She blushed knowing she still had her third 'costume' for once Tina left. Sleep was overrated, or so Sumi told herself.

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