Road to Paradise


I've traveled far and wide

To the desert dunes in the blazing sun

To the lush rainforests of the Amazon

Searching for a purpose now gone

The widest ocean, the deepest sea

What I've lost, I can't retrieve


Somehow scattered along the way

Amidst the pleasures I was led astray

Suddenly a flitting memory surfaced with intent

But I, lost to the bliss of each moment

Without hesitation, unable to wait

Turning back when it was too late

Of all the vagaries in the world

Foolish choices made and forced to hold

My deep anxiety soon becomes hate

Wandering the landscape aimlessly, cursing fate


The gates now closed to my woes

Fists to the air with no avail

Without resolution, with nowhere to go

A search continuing, doomed to fail


Walking out and away from perfection

Lost to the wonders of temptation


Unable to return


September 29, 2005