Hand in hand as we cross the drowning man
Eye meets eye as we hear those dying scream
Ear touch ear as we fail to hear the destruction
Nose to nose as we careen past the love
Pandemically kissed by our savior's other right hand

Say'll say it'll clear out the evil like a plague
Because it'll destroy our insides with each cough
But I'll believe nothing anymore
The only thing I'm concerned with is my shield
My vaccination to upper living enlightenment

I'm on the way to the clinic
I'm the second to last person
The street is dirty with the panic
Dead lining and blocking the drains
Civil unrest is the rest of the worlds problem
I'm only concerned about myself
The man in front of me looks behind me
He casually steps out of line
I step up, one move closer to my salvation
I glance behind me, a young girl with her young child

I step out of line and slowly walk home
I find myself lying in my bed
Staring at my ceiling with a smile on my face
I cough up some liquid in a napkin
"I'll go to the doctors in the morning"
Said with the same stupid smile