Why are the words I use so staggered for meaning?
Caught up in this web you wove of my dreaming
Has it all been shattered by the storm?
Will we all walk in this room once again?
But I don't want to live with you as a friend

These paintings on the walls in my head
Are foreign objects hovering the dead
The perfume I smell is not out of the norm
I'm falling asleep from your chloroform

Hair sneaking quietly across my face
Wetting it down with lip-clenching grace
Not for your heart but for the one you hide
Glancing inward toward your selfless stride
But its not true and you know it too
You're not a hero at all

These memories of childhood dancing in my head
Are placed there with merciless intent
The lectures you spell and sermons you sing
I'm falling asleep from your words to dream

We found serenity at the edge of a cliff
Who's to say the clouds can't cry a river
You've misplaced all your trust into a bomb
My bombastic "mislead" soul to the jagged rocks
Why are the songs I sing so staggered for clarity?
A table left with memoirs and an old hand at control

These sirens yowling in my ears
Are singing strange songs of salvation
The silence you scream is fainting away
We're falling into the numb unconscious we designed

She sang "Cry Me Rivers"
He told "Serene Stories To Live By"