Jared and Cale have been friends since they were five.

Twelve years is a long time.

When Jared's parents get divorced, he chooses to live with the father he can't stand so he can be near Cale.

When Cale's parents die, Jared visits the orphanage every day.

When Jared gets a girlfriend, Cale cries himself to sleep.

When Cale is adopted, Jared has to be pried off of him and dragged home.

Jared and Cale have lived in different cities for five months.

Neither can stand it much.

When Jared runs away from his father's house, Cale hides with him in old sheds until they have to go home.

When Cale gets sad, he studies about things he doesn't like and is accepted into Jared's school.

When Jared takes Cale's first kiss, Cale gives him the second, and the third, and the fourth.

When Jared's father becomes unfit to raise a teenager, Cale convinces his family to take him in.

Jared and Cale have decided to move away.

There are still a lot of places to look.

When Jared feels tired, Cale strokes his hair until nothing matters anymore and they both fall asleep.

When Cale gets frustrated at life, Jared comforts him in all the fun ways.

When Jared finds the right place, Cale makes the calls to the owners.

When Cale tells the movers they can leave, Jared helps him break in the new bedroom.

Jared and Cale have been lovers for four years.

There have been more good times than bad.

When Jared's father dies from alcohol and drug overdose, Cale helps him to celebrate his freedom at last.

When Cale wants a child, Jared goes out to the old orphanage.

When Jared gets angry, Cale cries himself to sleep.

When Cale gets sick, Jared holds him until he feels better.

Jared and Cale have loved each other for eighty years.

Eighty years is a long time.

When Jared loses his hearing and his taste and his hair, Cale shaves his own head and helps him cope.

When Cale goes helplessly blind, Jared becomes his eyes.

When Jared goes to rest, Cale thinks about his angel.

When Cale finally passes, Jared holds him close in the light.