The Mystic

By writerforever

Based on some true events.

This story is based on some true events but a lot of it is fiction. Whether you believe that mystics actually see things or not doesn't matter. These accounts are not to try and convince people that mystics see things or that they don't. It is just the accounts of a young girl who had a very strong faith and claimed to have been granted, by God, glimpses of Heaven and of Jesus' life here on earth. I am not Catholic but still I thought it would interesting to write an account like this.

I hope you enjoy these accounts and will find them interesting.


Flamske, a village situated about a mile and a half from Coesfeld, in the bishopric of Munster.

1780 ( Speculation. Exact date, unsure)

The green fields and the blue sky were refreshing to nine year old Anne Heison. She laid in the tall green grass watching over her father's flock of sheep. Anne was a bright and beautiful child with long brown hair and gay blue eyes. She was a good girl and tried to obey her parents as best as she could.

When she had been born she had been baptized into the St. James church and had attended faithfully just like any other Catholic child. Anne enjoyed church very much and she was totally captivated by the saints and her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. But often times she longed for so much more. A glimpse into that world where the saints and God lived. She had spoken to her parents of this great desire of hers.

"I wish I could see God and the saints. Wouldn't that be wonderful?" Anne said to her parents one evening as they sat at the little table in their one room house eating dinner.

"Child, that is a great wish," Jacob, her father, said.

"Yes, I know father. But I cannot help but desire it," Anne replied.

"Perhaps one day my dear God will grant your wish," Jacob smiled. Touched by the innocence of his young daughter's mind.

Anne continued to grow and her faith also grew. She did her best to live the life that God wanted her too. And finally one warm summer evening as she was guarding her father's flock she received a mysterious visitor and an astounding thing happened that would forever change her life.

To be continued…