Surprisingly this young girl actually spoke of Jesus Christ more than God, which (as you said) seemed strange since Catholics speak of God more and give him all the praise. I thought it was interesting though that she did seem to care more about Jesus. Well thanks for the reviews so far! : ).


The Way of the Saints: Part 3

After the visit from the 'Good Shepherd' Anne's faith was renewed and she grew even stronger in her beliefs. Anne finally confided in Father Moseah.

Father Moseah was in his thirties and had been a priest ever since he was twenty years old. He was a gentle and kind man and when the young Anne approached him about something very special he took her back into his study and listened intently.

"Father, I've…seen something, or rather someone," Anne said as she sat in a cane back chair in Father Moseah's study.

"What have you seen child?" Father Moseah asked clasping his hands together.

"Well…while I was in the field watching over my father's flock…someone visited me. He was a young boy. I asked him who he was and he replied, 'Why I am the Good Shepherd!'"

"He said to watch over the flock of sheep just as he watches over me," Anne said.

Father Moseah was a bit stunned by the child's words. He hadn't expected this. It was not unusual for children to claim to see God or angels or saints but no one usually never believed them.

"My child, are you certain you saw this boy?" Father Moseah asked.

"Yes, Father. I could see him just as clearly as I see you now," Anne replied.

Father Moseah stood and knelt down in front of the little girl. He took her hands in his.

"My child, I…I'm afraid that it is very hard for me to believe you. But I wish for you to come again to me if you see anymore things like this. Then we will decide what to do," Father Moseah smiled hoping this would satisfy the child.

"Thank you Father Moseah," Anne smiled as she stood and left the study.

But just as she was about to step out of the room she turned and said:

"Father, He was so full of joy and…beautiful. God told me that it was Him."

With that said she left the study.

As Anne grew she became wiser and began to have visits from her angel guardian each day. He would appear to her as a little child and he would smile at her and she would be filled with joy.

When Anne turned thirteen she visited by a miraculous and glorious group of saints. It was on cold winter's night as she lay in bed when she suddenly heard voices in the night. She sat up from her bed which was nothing but a pallet. She was afraid at first and clutched her gray blanket to her chest, listening. A voice so soft and gentle seemed to say:

"Follow us. Someone is in need of thee."

So with determination and courage Anne stood, wrapped the blanket about her and as she stood she saw a glorious light and the forms of many saints of old. She stared up at them in awe and wonderment. They began to move throughout the house and she followed them, careful to not awaken her parents.

They continued out the door and Anne followed them. A deep snow covered the ground and snowflakes were falling from the starry night sky. This did not stop Anne. She wrapped her blanket around her more tightly and step out into the cold snow barefooted. The saints led her far from her home and all the way to Coesfield, which was a village a mile and a half from Flamske.

The bitter cold winter wind whipped at Anne's bare legs that were only covered by a thin gown. She kept her eyes upon the glowing saints and followed them. They were singing praises to God and as best as she could Anne joined them in their singing, but her voice was quivering from the cold. Her feet had gone numb but still she continued on. This beauty, this moment astounded her and she could not take her eyes from the saints.

The saints led her to Coesfield and on the road that led into the village the saints turned to Anne.

"You will see what is to be done," they said in usion. Then as suddenly as they had appeared they disappeared into the cold night air.

Anne was stunned for a moment and collapsed to the cold snowy ground. She closed her eyes for a moment trying to understand what they had meant. Opening her eyes she tried desperately to see through the snow that was falling down heavily. Finally her eyes caught sight of a dark pile lying just a few feet from her. Crawling towards the heap Anne suddenly realized that it was a young boy of about her age. He was lying there in the snow shivering. He was barefooted and his clothes were torn and ripped. His face was deathly pale and his lips the shade of blue. Anne's heart was greatly tortured by this sight for she couldn't bear to see anyone suffer so.

With a gentle hand, Anne reached out and touched the boy. He stirred for a moment and then closed his eyes and began to shiver even more. Anne pulled the blanket off her shoulders and laid it across the boy. She knew that she couldn't carry him into the village and if she left him he might die before she got back. So she did what she thought was the best thing to do.

After laying the blanket across the boy, Anne laid down on him gently so as to keep him warm. And there she stayed, shivering in the falling snow.

To Be Continued…