Thirteen And Pregnant by writerforever

The Annunciation

She is a small but sturdy girl of thirteen with long dark hair that hung past her waist. It is modestly covered by a brown veil. Her sandaled feet are dusty from walking to the well to draw water for her mother and father. Her wool robes are worn and dyed brown. She is the image of any other girl in Galilee. Her name is Mary.

Mary was born in Nazareth and has enjoyed her life there. It has been hard for her and she has had to work very hard but she has a good life. On this morning she is making her way to the well with a blue pot in her arms. It is a beautiful morning and Mary is humming gaily.

When she returns to the home of her mother and father Mary gives the filled pot of water to her mother and goes back outside to do more chores. As she fulfills her chores suddenly a bright line shines before her. She is frightened.

"What could it be?" she wonders to herself.

The light grows brighter and brighter until finally Mary sees the silhouette of what appears to be a human in the bright light. The strange being speaks and it is a man's voice, so soft and gentle. Mary is afraid at first. But the being tells her not to fear and he tells her who he is.

"I am the angel Gabriel," he says.

Mary is stunned, speechless, shocked. She falls to her knees and stares up at the light. Her veil falls gracefully from her head and her long dark hair flows behind her back. She listens intently to the angel's words. He says she has been chosen by God to be the mother of the promised Messiah.

"How can this be for I know not a man," Mary says.

But the angel reassures her and tells her that the Holy Ghost will enter her and she shall become pregnant with the Messiah. Mary is confused and afraid. But she answers humbly and bravely.

"I am but the Lord's humble handmaid. Be it done unto me according to your words," she says and the angel smiles, then disappears.

Mary collapses onto the ground, confused, frightened, not knowing what to do.

"What will I do? What will I tell everyone? They will not believe me when I tell them I am to be the mother of the long awaited Messiah," Mary thinks to herself.

I am but a young girl of thirteen. I know nothing of being a mother. How can I be a mother to the promised Messiah when I'm just a child myself?

Thoughts such as these race through her mind but soon her strength and faith is renewed and with a determined effort, she raises herself up and goes on about her chores. She will not tell her parents of this strange happening. They will not believe her and would no doubt accuse her of being crazy and might even banish her from their home. No, for now she will keep this secret to herself. But she must tell Joseph, her thirty year old fiancé. Surely he will understand. They are to be married in a few days. Mary hopes that he will not turn her away, that he will believe this wondrous miracle as she believes it.

It all has happened so fast but yet she believes it and knows that soon a tiny baby will begin to form in her stomach. But this baby will not be like any baby ever conceived. He will be the salvation of the world. Mary is overcome to tears at these thoughts.

"Why did He pick me? Me, a poor lowly girl. Generations will call me blessed among women for I have been chosen to carry our Lord and Saviour. What a wonderful gift! Oh the wonders that await me!," Mary thinks with excitement.

She realizes that she must go and tell Joseph immediately.

"Oh Lord, please help him to believe, help him to understand," Mary prays.

To Be Continued…

The Pregnancy coming soon