Of Tears And Broken Hearts

Author: keilanch

Disclaimers: This story is an original fiction and not based on any movie, TV show, or book (except for some inspiration maybe). Any similarity of the characters to real life – although I seriously doubt it – is not intended and most likely pure coincidence.

Pairing: Figure it out for yourself. Where's the fun if I spoil it right away? (Although anyone would already be able to guess who the pair is after reading this anyway…I just want to make it look a little mysterious…)

Feedback: Yes please… I also would love a few coy half smiles and/or lip-biting once in a while, thank you very much.

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Rating: Whatever rating there is for teen love and lesbian content. Yep, that's right. There will be girl-on-girl action involved. You have been warned (or maybe excited, intrigued…anything to describe the way you're now bouncing on your toes wanting to get on with the story). For formality's sake though, I would give this a fair PG 13-R rating. Any change in rating would merit an announcement at the very start of the chapter.

Summary: I don't feel the need to give you one right now. This whole introduction thing will pretty much give you a heads up (and a limb, leg, torso, whatever body part you want to use in this insane idiomatic expressionism) on what this story is all about. The formal statement of a summary will happen when the actual chapters are up.

Author's Notes: I just feel like reiterating, once more, that this story has lesbian content and will most definitely feature girl-on-girl action. Another thing is that I actually enjoy reading angst so buckle up and get ready for the angst ride. However, I assure you that everything will be paid off in the end and no matter what happens, please remember that my aim is to have all of us satisfied. Coz what's a writer without a reader, eh? Plus, there will also be happy snuggly wuggly scenes too and not just all angst. I am as much a fuzzy wuzzy as anyone out there.

Author's Notes 2: I want a cookie… Can I have a cookie, please? Puppy Dog Eyes


Leila Charles-Carlson had been brought up in a world of glamour and fancy everything – from cars to condos to parties. Well, how can she not be when she's the only daughter of one of the most successful business couples and heiress to one of the largest business empires in the world?

However, such good fate always came with a price – something Lei found out early in her life. Along with the comfort, luxury, and eventual fame, Lei was also aware of the betrayal and hypocrisy. She knew that most people only saw the money she possessed and the power her family had. She was aware of the superficial smiles and conspiratorial greetings – mere vain attempts at catching her attention and getting close to the "princess".

But Lei didn't care. No matter how much she smiled back and laughed with all the hypocrites, she knew that they will never get through to her. They will never know who she really was.

Especially now – after that happened.

She had trusted and she was betrayed. She had let the barriers fall, yet what did she get in return? Hurt. Pain.

She wanted to get away. She just had to get away.

Finally, after ten years, she was going back to her innocence.

Kristen Sanders is an average student at Wright-Duncan High – or so she would like to think. A promising straight A student, she's friends with everyone and manages to help out those in need of her assistance, which makes her pretty popular in the student body and faculty – a fact that undeniably helped make her a part of the student government.

Life was good. For Kristen, everything was the way it should be. She did well in her classes. She was personally and politically involved in school activities. She was satisfied and with the coming of her senior year in high school, Kristen had nothing else to ask for.

Or about. If there was one person truly sure of where she was in her life and where she wanted to go, it would be Kristen.

Until she came.

Suddenly, nothing was like it was before. Her perfectly normal life just made the 180-degree turn and for the first time, Kristen felt really confused. Confused and scared even.

More so when she finally realized that everything dated back to that fateful day of tears and an innocent question unanswered.

Once upon a time, there were two little girls who cared for each other. They played games, chased each other around the rich green fields, and talked of their dreams under the guidance of a huge oak tree. They were very, very happy.

But the happiness was short-lived. Soon enough, they were forced apart by circumstances neither of them could control…

And life moved on – for both of them.

Ten years and a lot of reticent memories after, their winding roads are finally coming to that familiar intersection once more. Again, fate had chosen to weave the threads of their lives together.

However, nothing is a fairy tale. And no one can say whether they are headed for a happy ending…

…or one of tears and broken hearts.

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"When are you leaving?"

"Tomorrow. Daddy said we have to go in the morning."

"But…why didn't you tell me? I thought we're friends…"

Lei laughed silently to herself. They make me but even they can't seem to agree with what they'd want me to be.

"Don't try that innocent act on me Kristen, 'coz I'm not buying it one tiny bit!"


"They say she's awesome in bed…"

"Diane!" Kristen wasn't used to these kinds of conversations and she felt the blood rushing to her face.