Author's Notes:

Like I said on my profile page, I've decided not to push through with this story anymore. After more than 2 years of writing Of Tears and Broken Hearts, I realized that if anything, I am not the writer that I was when I started this, and neither am I also the same person. I'm sorry that I can't go on penning this little pet fic of mine, but even if I pressured myself, I really will still remain unable to continue with this.

It's not yet the end, however. To those of you who have read this, I know that more than anything, it is the characters of this story that people found amusing and/or interesting. Therefore, I have decided to create another story, an alternate universe fic of sorts in which the same characters from OTABH that have been dear to us would also still be the same kinds of characters in this new story. The background of the characters will be different, of course, as with some of the descriptions we've come to remember from OTABH. But think of them as reincarnations of OTABH characters in this new fic.

I know that some of you may be disappointed that after a year of not bothering with posting, I come up once more only to say this. But, personally, I think of this as a step towards the right direction. Hopefully, you'll like this new fic the same as, if not more than you liked OTABH.


(Hope to hear what you guys have to say about the new fic soon!)