Heartache, Broken, Sorrow, Pain

Here within, deep into the abyss of my pain,
Every small thing, magnified to total destruction.
Anyone could see that my mask was slipping,
Reaching it's use end to be swapped for another.
This seems so never ending, a cycle of depression.
And it has indeed all just begun, a cycle, a maze.
Chaos, madness, loneliness.
Here it is common, here it is welcome,
Every tear drop holds a memory.

Breath is no longer a need more than a habbit.
Rath, and hate now holds that need inside of me.
Outside, no one knows for I have intrusted none.
Keen would they be, like vultures on prey,
Evil little dwellers, eating on my sorrow and pain.
Not to be taken lightly, this madness, for one day it will rule.

Sounds of a crying heart, plagued with mirth and hate,
Overflow all else of my senses, my heart reaching out.
Reaching towards that Heart like mine.
Reaching out to share the burden, and double it with my own.
Of all that has been done, only a name remains.
Whispers of it claim my dreams, and my life.

Pathetic is it? All of this? If you were me, what would you do?
Anyone would have done the same. Even you.
Ironic it is how the pick sky turns blue. Like a red heart turns black.
Not once have I dwelled in too deep, otherwise all this will start again.

Leoanda: Yeah, I know its a bit strange, but some things are in this world. It's just how you deal with it that matters.