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Everyday, I hear them in the locker rooms. I know they don't mean to let me hear what they are saying, but I do anyway. Their quiet conversations with their lust filled eyes.. Always aimed at me. They talk about me. Even the supposedly straight guys talk about me. Everyday.. They always whisper. And I always hear them. I like to think that I've gotten used to the whispering. But, I don't think I'll get used to them staring at me with their eyes clouded over with want and desire while I'm changing. I don't think I ever will.


"Tristen! Get your sexy ass over here right now before I come over there and start molesting you!" Ace called over from where he had his feet propped up on the their usual lunch table. Whatever Ace managed to say, it always made Tristen blush. And what he had just blurted out was no different. With a small chuckle, Ace shifted his well muscular body a little and shook his blond hair out of his eyes.

"Tristey, baby. You look good in pink." stated Tristen's supposed best friend, Floyd. He pushed his dyed green bangs to the side while he continued combing the rest of his dark brown hair. "Come over here and sit on Papa's lap. I'll make you feel good." Slightly laughing, Floyd gave Tristen a wink and then licked his moist lips.

Growing an even darker shade of pink, he hesitantly took his usual spot next to Leon. Sighing, Tristen turned to Leon only to be inches away from his face. "Come here often?" came Leon's husky voice that seemed to be laced with lust. If possible, his blush deepened even more. Leon laughed and ruffled Tristen's light chocolate colored locks and gave him an amused smile.

"What I'd expect from a horny red head."

"Horny? If anyone here is horny.. Its Floyd. He's had a boner since Tristen got here."

Tristen then glanced over at Floyd to see him dip his finger in his pudding and seductively suck and lick it off. All the while staring intently at Tristen, who responded by blushing nervously. "I-I gotta go to the bathroom."

"Need help?" Leon asked while glaring at Floyd who then replied with a witty smirk and mouthing the words "I know you're horny too, you bastard." But he then returned his attention to Tristen, while eyeing him up.

"N-no! I really think I can do it myself.." The brown haired youth said as he stood up and rushed towards the bathroom.

"Mmm.. I want a piece of that ass." smirked Floyd.

"Stop wanting your best friend, faggot." laughed Ace.

"Fuck you."


Tristen leaned against the bathroom sink and glanced at himself in the mirror. He was nothing special. Light brown hair, blue eyes, oval face. He had a slim build and a small frame. He didn't really know why everyone seemed to.. Want him, as they seemed to. I guess he had to admit that he was good looking. But that didn't answer the question as to why everyone liked him as they did. It has been like this.. For as long as he could remember. He almost got violated as a child numerous times, but his brother somehow found him and stopped them all. And at the age of sixteen, nothing seemed to change.

As Tristen continued to stare at himself in the mirror, he saw someone behind him. He then quickly turned around to see a tall, slightly muscular, slick black haired male who seemed to be undressing Tristen with his eyes. He rose his pierced eyebrow up in question has he gazed at Tristen.

"Hmm? What's wrong, cutie?"


"Mmm. That so? Well.. You're the one called Tristen, are you not?"

'Y-yeah.. How'd you know?"

"Because you are as they describe you as.. Beautiful."

Tristen blushed and diverted his attention from the black haired boy.

"You're so cute when you blush.." The boy smirked as he slowly backed Tristen into a wall.. "I'm Malice." The boy then slowly dragged his hand lazily down Tristen's chest and then up the brunette's shirt. Creeping his hand up the skin beneath Tristen's t-shirt, Malice then reached the brunette's left nipple and started playfully squeezing it. Tristen let out a sound that was inbetween a squeak and a moan which made Malice horny.. Or hornier than he was at the moment. Lifting Tristen's shirt to his chin, Malice then replaced his hand with his mouth and grabbed the brunette's hips. He shoved them towards his own and started grinding their lower regions together, increasing his erection sending a low moan from his mouth.



"Dude, what's takin' 'em so long? Is he masturbating or something?" Ace yawned.

"I'd pay to see that." Leon's pervert-ness pitched in.

Abruptly standing up, Floyd flipped his dyed bangs out of his eyes and headed towards the bathroom. Reaching the door, he flung it open and stood agape at the scene he saw inside. An upperclassman with his hands on his Tristen. Floyd glanced at the expression on Tristen's face and froze.. It was something he'd never seen before which made him painfully hard. Regaining his composure, he ran towards the male, dragged him off Tristen, and punched him square on the jaw. A trickle of blood ran down Malice's chin, grunting in response, he got into a fighting stance. "What the fuck is your problem?!" Malice shouted as he wiped the crimson liquid off his face.

"What? You don't know?" came Floyd's annoyed response. "You were fucking touching him!"

"So? He's not yours, is he? Plus, even if he was, I'd still screw him. Just look at him."

Malice stated while turning his attention towards Tristen and proceeding to look him up and down.

Grabbing the collar of Malice's shirt and throwing him into the wall, Floyd glared at him. "Don't you ever EVER speak about my Tristen that way AGAIN," he blurted through clenched teeth, "Or I'll fucking wipe that shitty smirk off your face and kill you." Floyd then let Malice go, but not without giving him another shove into the wall. He made his way over towards Tristen. "Are you okay?" Tristen, still flabbergasted about the whole scene, just simply nodded and thanked Floyd who in return flashed him with one of his famous smiles. "C'mon. Let's go eat lunch." Floyd smiled again while lacing his fingers with Tristen's and leading him back into the lunchroom and to their table.


"Tristen, can you come up here a second?" Called Mr. Jonsen from his desk. Tristen nodded slightly while standing up from his desk and making his way over to the teacher's. It felt like all eyes were on him as he walked, but he shook the thought off as being paranoid.

"I would like to talk to you after class. Okay?" Giving another nod, Tristen made his way back to his desk and then he knew all eyes were on him as he glanced at his classmates with their attention on him. Feeling insecure, Tristen sat back down at his desk and tried to get back to his homework.


The final bell rang to signify the end of classes for the day. While all the students filed out of room 115, one stayed behind and made his way up to the large desk at the front of the class. The man that sat there was relatively young being in his mid to late twenties. He had dark blond hair and blue eyes. He was also tall and well built. Many had agreed that this man was too young and good looking to have such a career as a teacher of a local high school, but he had disagreed. Especially because he was just filling in for the actual teacher while he spent some time in the hospital. He had to admit that being the teacher instead of his original position of student teacher had its perks. Glancing up at the boy that was making his way toward him, he gave him a smile and gestured towards the chair to his left. After watching the boy sit, he began, "Hello Tristen. How are you?"

"I'm okay.. Why do you ask?"

"I've just noticed you being a little.. Fidgety-- for lack of a better word-- lately."

Tristen looked up at the blue eyes that seemed to bore into his soul. "How so, Mr. Jonsen?"

Scooting his chair uncomfortably close to Tristen and putting a hand on his knee, Mr. Jonsen continued in a more serious tone, "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Y-yeah.. Fine. Why?"

"Your grades have been slipping."

"Oh.. I-I'm sorry. I'll work harder. I promise, Mr. Jonsen!"

With a smile, Mr. Jonsen leaned in and kissed the brunette on the cheek. "Good. But while we're talking like this, you can call me Chris."

"Alright, Chris," said a strong voice from the doorway.

"Who-?" Mr. Jonsen began as he pulled away from Tristen and turned his attention towards the direction the voice came from.

There stood a tall, brown haired, blue eyed, young man with a smirk that seemed to be plastered to his face. Chris Jonsen just sat there, dumbstruck, as this beautiful young man came towards him.

"Do you always ask your students to call you by your first name, or just the cute ones?"

The mysterious man came forward and reached across the desk towards Tristen. He then picked up the youth's hand and kissed it. "Long time no see, baby brother."

"Brother?" Mr. Jonsen croaked out.

"Ah, yes. The famous male model, Aero, is indeed the older brother of our very own, Tristen." Aero stated with an amused smile while moving behind the desk and picking up the younger version of himself, bridal style. "Now, if you don't mind.. I'll just take what's rightfully mine and be on my way."

"Ahhh.. Aero! Wh-what are you doing?!" The young brunette yelped from his position in his older brother's arms.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm carrying you, Squirt." Aero playfully stated while nuzzling Tristen's neck with his face. "Let's go home." He then kicked the door open, waved to the teacher that still looked stunned at his desk, and walked out of the school.

Leaning against the area of the building right next to the entrance, Floyd stood patiently waiting for Tristen. Just then, one of the doors opened and out stepped none other than the person he despised the most; Aero… with Tristen in his arms. He groped the small brunette and casually played with his brown strands of hair, looking natural. Getting annoyed and frustrated, Floyd stated, "You can put him down now."

"No.. I rather enjoy him." Aero counteracted with his face pressed into his brother's collar bone.

"Fuck you." Responded Floyd.

"Jealous, Floydie? You should be." He then kissed Tristen's neck and somehow Aero's hand ended up under his shirt and groping the skin.

"A-Aero!" Stuttered Tristen as he tried to wriggle out of the older brunette's grasp.

"Mmm.. I'm taking him home now." Aero said as he lifted his head glared at Floyd. "I want to spend some quality time with my little brother." And with that, he walked off towards the parking lot, leaving a fuming Floyd behind.


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