I wonder why

Written by: Felicia Spencer

AN: I'm back. I'm back from the whole Rita evacuation thingy, and I got a few new poems for you lovely guys and gals. This particular piece had been sitting in my tablet, and therefore here it is. Love it, hate it, let me know. I liked the beginning of this poem, but I don't know about the ending. If it sucks then let me know, and I'll probably revise the whole darn thing. Oh yea if misspellings are abound...it's only because I'm using Word-No-Spellchecking-Pad. So ignore my ignorance. Feh I'm too old to be ignorant huh? Don't answer that. (

I wonder why I'm so in love with you

I love the way you make me feel

I can't believe that you chose me

I can't believe this is real

Gaze deeply into my eyes

And you'll see my love unfold

Doesn't this feel a little intense

Let the truth be told

I wonder why my heart beats so fast

It's about to beat out of my chest

My heart doesn't want to calm down

Not even for a rest

See, this is what you do to me

I bet you don't even know

Oh let me show you the way

And lead you to my door

I wonder why I chose you

I wonder why you chose me

I wonder how we ever got

To even become a "we"

My hands are starting to shake

With the motions of your touch

Hmmmmm I really wonder why

It effects me quite as much

I wonder if this will last

On this I'll have to ponder

But since I know you've chosen me

I no longer have to wonder