It's so misconceiving that during our whole teen years, all attention was a prime focus towards Scarlet, but never towards her sister Carmel. Which had a curious question to why was scarlet like the promisculous sister, but carmel was hiding a very deep secret from the neighborhood which had a mystery towards us that we could never figure out. Later on we would all figure out the mysterious secret that left a fatal result then had us stunned forever. Now I think while I'm In my stray jacket, no one really know's the meaning of the word real until something fake appears first. Now let me continue this memory lane of secrets.

The next day was suppose to be courtney rivers birthday bash, she was going to have her sweet sixteen party at this teen club called " SWEET FANTASY " which the club was owned by he cousin lexton and her Aunt-terri. Every year we had some slamin parties, but no one could throw a party like courtey, she was the queen of awesome parties, all her parties just had everybody talkin about It, But this year would be diffrent, very different. There was an Invitation sent to everyone In the neighborhood, I mean everyone, teens, college students, rockers, thugs and just every damn body from ages 14-21. The Invitation was going to be a Pool party at the theme park "WET-N-WILD ". The best thing about this Invitation was that It was presented by The Rose's. That had us thinking that Scarlet would be there. So you know what that meant, everyone was intending to go to that party and I mean every........bode, but the thing was who would be going to Courney's annual birthday bash. So today was saturday, courtney party was at 8:P.M and The rose's at 5:P.M. Oh yeah, the thrilling thing about The Rose's Invitation was that It said that the whole theme park was controlled by them the whole day, so that meant even though like 150 guest's were Invited, It wouldn't be that crouded like a normal theme park party that had everybody In the world going. As I woke up that morning stretching and yarning from out of my bed, I then took a view out the window watching the day start It's rise. Then I just couldn't resist taking a snap look at Scarlet's window , I saw her In her silk -lavender green pajamas walking around her room on her creamy white fur-carpet as she was speaking on the phone, her face looked so beautiful with a look of a sparkling smile across her face. She then dashed to her bed full of excitement and just ended her confersation on the phone then skipped out of her room so thrilled about something. I just wonder why was she so glazzing happy , what was going on In that phone confersation and who was It. Okay that sounds to fucken noisy of me to know, well now you know more about my personality. It was now 3:00 on the damn dot. So everybody was like preparing for The rose's pool party. So I got my clothes ready about to look sharp with my outfit, I had dressed up In some Platinum Fubu Jeans, This flashy Blazing Red Fubu Jersey-shirt, Platinum Fubu Cap, dark red glazed sun-glasses, My silver ring and my golden chain on my neck and with my flamin Red Timberland Boots. Now don't get me wrong, I know this was a pool party, but I had to enter that thang looking sharp and tight. Also had my Ruby Red swimmimg trunks with my bostonian slides for the Wet-N-Wild time. So I'm now dress up from head to toe lookin slamin sharp then I had put on my fresh forest moss scented Cologne and grabbed my Black sprint cellular-phone.

I started swaggering downstairs looking so fresh and so clean. I had then went In the kitchen to grab me something to eat real quick, as I got me a granola-bar and a coke from the refrigerator, My mom came right from behind me looking all drunk and high as hell.

" where the fuck are you going this time of night, trevor......well....? ". my mother said all drunk and high. " mom it's not night, it's like 3:30 In the day, and I told you yesterday I was going to this party with friends and you said whatever, so I'm going to meet up with demetrius , okay ma ". I said chewing on my granola bar then slurping up some coke. "

" I don't remember sayig that, trevor.....".said my drunk and high mother. " yeah because you were drunk and high like now mom, you threw up everywhere on the carpet and I had to pick that shit up, mom you have to stop drinking and doing drugs, your'e killing yourself....". I said getting pissed the fuck off. " so what party are you going to, courtney rivers club party, it's to early for that kind of party ". mother said getting sober now.

" No mom, it's the new girl's party, her name Is scarlet, her family just moved next door yesterday.....and she's having a pool party at Wet-and-Wild, so please can I go ? ". I said impatient, trying to hurry up to get out the house. " No young man ! I don't even know the new neighbors, I don't know If there is going to be supervision from an adult or how long this pool party will last and Isn't Wet and wild a theme park.......that's too faraway how will you get there ? ". my mother said in a demanding force. " please don't do this now, come and demitrius are riding with his older brother Tron and he's old enough ". I said In a snapy way. " I said no trevor '. she said. "fuck ! It's not fair ". I said In rage. " Trevor Dewayne Caloway Jr, You will not use that kind of language towards me, Now I said no ! , I do this because I care for you, I don't know how this Tron boy drives and I have never met this Rose family, so my final decision Is a no, now to be nice you can attend Courtney rivers annual party, but you will not go to this pool party, Is that understood, trevor.....well I'm speaking to you......". Mother said all determined and stricted. " yeah mother, whatever......". I said , not giving ah fuck what she said. I couldn't believe this achoholic bitch was doing this to me then she had the nerve to tell me she's doing this because she cares for me, bitch please, If she cared for me she would not be drinking every fucking night and doing drugs and shit then coming home In the middle of the night throwing up every damn where. while I pick It up. Ya saw how she Ignored me when I told her about that. Damn....fuck.. I hate when she does that, she's such a hypocrite, she try's to tell us what's right from wrong, but then she goes out to every fucking drinking bar In the city getting drunk as hell. My favorite hypocrite thing she does is when she says " Don't do drugs, It's bad for you ". but then at the same time she comes home all high and shit, fucken crackheaded bitch, Uh...she makes me sick to my stomach, that 's one reason my father left her ass. So after that " mother and son talk" I then went up to my room mad as fuck as I slammed my fucken door shut. I had to call Demitrius ass and tell him my old girl was trippin like a bitch. So I had call him on my cell-phone as I was sitting on my bed facing my head out the window. " hey, what's up, D, My mother is trippin bad, Bro, She said I can't go ". I told him on the phone. " But I thought you said you told her yesterday and she said you could go". Demitrius said. " yeah she did, but now she said no since she was unsober yesterday and shit ". I said. " Damn yo mom trippin, fallen and bustin her ass, damn, Tre ". He said In his daily humorous way. " You ah trip......, bro. well The good thing Is I can still go to Courtney's birthday bash tonight, so that's better than shit ". I said with less anger. Oh yeah, I asswhole, why the fuck you hanged up on me yesterday nite, what fuck wrong with you, playa...". I said In a snapping way. " Oh i'm sorry, Bro, I had to take care of some business...". He said In a obvious way. " yeah, hittin that ass, whatever, D, You and Tamica need to stop ya little friction encounters every damn day then gettin back together for the sex. I said truthfully. " that's not true,Tre, We like eachother for who we are...". He said. " Sure ya do......and my moma Is never drunk.....,whatever, D, I know you like hittin that ass, but really I know you care for her, D, But stop doing Unfaithful shit, cause one day she go breakup with yo ass for sure and I won't be here for yo bithin ". I said seriously. " I know, tre, but she's hard to handle, but I think I love her ass, you know......".He said. " No, I don't know, I told you I don't believe In love...., I'm not that type of person, you know that... ". I said concerned. " yeah, whateva Tre, one day you will fall In love. bro, you can't help, but do It ". He said. " That's your beliefs, not mines, you better get ready for the pool party, It's 4:00 now ". I said. " yeah, I gotta go pick up Tamica, Camri, Sean and Marco. Tron calling me now, so I gotta go, Bro, hope you have fun at courtney's...peace out..". He said ending our confersation. I Just viewed out my window and saw everybody In the neighborhood leaving there houses getting in cars with friends, laughing up, playing around, loud music thuding In the base of their cars while they were driving off to attend That pool party at Wet-N-Wild. And It was such a great sunny day to go splashing in the cool water with your friends. I had then took a long as exhausting nap In my bed while my window was open as everyone had left somewhere. Three long as hours and 30minutes had passed as I woked up, Then I took a look out the window and damn I thought, cause no one was outside, It was frozen fucken quiet as hell , I mean the whole neighborhood was empty like my mother's liquor bottles of Vodka and Whiskey. The sun had went down, but the sky still had some day upon this dusky time. So I got my ass up from out my bed, getting ready for Courtney's party which I knew only some people were going to be there, but fuck It, It was better than staying at home doing shit. So I went down stairs kind of dead In the face still waking up from that long as sleep. My brother Brandon had went to the movie threater with his friend Danny to see that new movie " DANGEROUS MINDS ". While my mother was down stairs as usual getting ready to Hit a liquor Bar. As I walked through the kitchen , My mother had came swishing towards me all happy to go to a drink bar then hugging me, At that point I knew she was high. " Baby, you look sexy...., go tre.....go tre..., do yo thang, looking all fresh and sharp like your father, well I got to tell Ms.Terri I said Hi and you be good and don't come home too late, and don't forget Don't do drugs, It's bad for you, I love you baby, see ya later, trevor ". She said all happy In a high way then giving me a kiss with her cherry red lip stick smashing across my cheeks. Then she left the house. " thank god ". I thought. Now I gotta go In the bathroom and wipe that lipstick shit off my damn face. It was now 7:45. So I walked out the house, locking the door then getting In my royal-Blue Honda-cord-94 car. Then I just drove off heading to the " Sweet Fantasy " club for courtney's birthday bash. As I drove up to the club I saw no one outside, so everyone must had been Inside. So I walked to the entrance and as I was about to turn the corner.......hell to the nah..... I thought. When I peeked around the corner I saw nobody at courtney's party, all I saw was her cousin Lexston at the D.J booth, her aunt talking to one of the waiters at the drink bar, and poor courtney with her head down hitting the table softly with her head. Damn I thought, even her bestfriends didn't show up, damn that was fucked up then tow(tour) up from the flow(floor) up, making me back the fuck up and leaving. So I just backed up and hauled-ass, like I was never there. As I drove back home, but first I had stopped at dairy queen and got me a double fudge-chocolate walnut filled Ice-cream cone then I just thought damn, poor courtney, this was like the first time ever In her birthday-Bash history that No one showed up at her party, that was complety dead wrong. I know that was kind of wrong for what I did too, but I did not want to be known as the guy who could not go to a pool-party cause his mother said no, then If I had went In and courtney saw me she would be talking to me for hours and hours about shit, I just couldn't handle all that drama talk from her. Now let me school you about courtney rivers, well you know she's the queen of all parties, well since.......whatever she still is....I think she is...well anyway I have known courtney since we both went to pre-school together, we use to be best play-pals, but In middle school we joined different cliques, she hanged with girls like Tamica which were drama queens and I just was an Anti-dramatic person. We still hanged out just not how we use to, don't get me wrong, me and courtney are still tight friends just we don't see eachother like we did when we were kids. But courtney was the type of girl that kept up drama for months, she never started up drama, but she kept It up for such extending times. Her mother was a Fashion designer and her father worked In politics around the city. so they were kind of rich, well we all were kind of rich living in this surbarbanian neighborhood In orlando florida. Courney had never got any disappointing things In her life, she had her loving puppy-maxo, her wonderful parents, great-friends, good looks cause her mother hooked her up everyday for school with fashion methods that all girls evnyed her clothing, Courtney couldv'e been In the place of Scarlet, but like I said She was a drama queen that kept up bull-shit, I mean she would be gossiping about shit that happen like last school year and come back the following year and still talking about shit that was over, but she had the looks, but a dramatic attitude, oh yeah, courtney is a virgin, she's saving herself to marriage, which is a good thing, but by the way she acts I don't think she will ever marry somebody, only If they could put up with her extending drama. But she still was my friend. So she had a great life until tonight , no one showed up at her birthday, Now I wonder since she's such a drama queen will she gossip her own shit at school, that shit would be funny as fuck. So I just arrived home which no one was home, I mean no one In the neighborhood was home. I went In the T.V room sat on the couch while eatting up my Ice-cream cone so deliously. I just turned on the T.V watching that "SCREAM " movie on The V.C.R System. Then Brandon had walked In the house all tired looking." So how that movie, bro ?. I asked. " Oh, It was slamin, It was really good, look ,Tre, I'm really tired so I'm going to hit the sack, take ah rest, good night, tre ". He said." Yeah, whatever...I'll be down here watching a movie, seeya, Bro...good nite ". I said.10minutes later I was feeling a little unconfortable with all this clothing on, so I went upstairs then as I walked In my room, It was kind of dark except for the moonlight In the sky, I looked On the floor and saw like five kids scattered on my damn bedroom floor with binoculars surrouded across their faces looking out my window towards Scarlet's window. I then turned On my lights then they all got up looking guilty in the face, espeacially Brandon. " well get the fuck out, all of you, now !!! fucking perverts, get out my house ! ". I said demanding quickly. As they started plunging out of my room, I then grabbed Brandon by the arm to speak to him as I slammed the door. " what the hell is wrong with you, bro, know that's kind of against the law, stop being such a pervert, go get a porn-magazine or god, and don't ever bring all your friends In my room, you think you are so slick coming room like you were tired and shit, I'm not stupid, now get out my room, bro.....well stop staring at me and get the hell out now !!! ". I said In a snapy way, as he rushed out of my room.

Then I thought what the hell were they looking at If scarlet was at the pool-party at the theme park, then I looked out my window and what the......, I saw scarlet In her room preparing to get In her shower, I couldn't believe this, the Invitation said the party was from 5:00 to 10:P.M.

Now I was confused, did the party end early or what. Then my cell-phone had rung and It was Demitrius calling so I pick it up. " hey, tre, guess what, Scarlet never showed up !!! ". He said.

" what ! for real, then what happen ? ". I questioned him. " well the party was still off the chain, everybody had some fun, we all got free shit like C.D players, Watches, brand-name shirts, shoe-wear, and even jewlry was given away to some people, that shit was off the hook matter of fact it was disconnected all the damn way, That girl carmel was there, the sister of scarlet and she did a great job of presenting the party, now everyone talking about carmel which was really her party since her sister never showed up which no one know's why, damn Tre, you shouldv'e went, how was courtney's party ? ". he said. At that point of time I just kept silent for a moment and just concocted a lie. " oh, I never went, I had to stay home and help my mother do something.... ". I said lying. " for real, like what... ? ". he asked. " just ah lil somethin then I went to the movies with brandon and his friends ". I responded. " Oh, well I'll talk to you when I get back, Tre ". he said. "okay, D, peace In bro...". I said. " It's peace out...tre ". he said. " well It's my style, It's peace In, just go,whatever,bro. ". I said as I ended the phone confersation. Then I turned back to the window and Scarlet was gone out of her room, Next the door bell had runged, so I went downstairs, as I opened the door " Oh shit, wow !!! " I thought In my mind. this was a surprise to me that this person was at my door, I just couldn't believe this shit, all I thought was Wow !!! This was such a unexpected Intention which had me curious.

So like I said Sometimes In order to find the truth we must view something fake to understand the real truth. Now as I Eat my Solitary lock-up food, I just think about the secret that Carmel lefted behind for everyone to figure out, It just looks tasteful., but the result is so nasty to swallow In ......HA...HA......HA....!!!!