Okay this may be stupid but I don't care if everyone thinks it is lol. I just wanted to write it.


Sinners & Saints by writerforever

It felt like spring time as I watched you

With your blue jean skirt and blue blouse

You walked along in your own little world

Everyone noticed but strayed away

They shied away from your strangeness

I am among those, your enemies

Those who throw cruel jokes at you

Those who mock your faith and your God

You are the preacher's daughter

Considered by some a saint

That's something that I aint

A saintly person

If I must have a title I'd be termed a sinner

A rebel that is never a winner

A failure

But despite everything

I long for you

Ever since that homecoming dance

When I took your hands in mine

Everything had seemed perfect

You said you were fine

But I knew better

I could feel your heart pounding against my chest

I could feel your palms sweating

I could feel the electricity between us

As we swayed to the music

You were afraid

So was I

People were watching

Like demons in the dark

Waiting to attack and overshadow us

We continued to dance

Sinner and saint were we

We knew that we would go on

Now here we are sharing a secret love

Hidden from those who seek to destroy us

Our love is strong, not so innocent

Not so pure according to some

But a love so true, so vibrant

Now though we must face the demons

The demons of the dark

Those sinners

But not winners

Take my hand beautiful saint

Dance with me once again

There is nothing left to hide

Love me as only you can

Love this sinner

Because he loves you

Escape with me into eternal bliss

For the crowd seeks to destroy us

And soon they will

We will be laid to rest side by side

Murdered by hatred and prejudices

We will be known as lovers

One a sinner

And the other a saint