Plowing The Dirt Between Your Knees


I want to plow you

But the grass was never there

You were just stubble on my lawn

But the kind I always needed there


You always tease me with your fleeting sways

Your thin bony hips all the rave

Where my fingers and hand could cling around


I remember seeing your pale face

Pallid and hollow cheeks vibrant and slashed

They always remind me of my knives dancing across your cheeks


Your fleeting stares and glossy eyes

They seem to always watch me when I'm there

I know you're only watching my tire tracks

The same ones that ran over you two nights ago


Through the tall grass and wheat

I made out like an extraterrestrial configuring sign

Running and quaking through the tall spines

Following after your padded feet


Sometimes if I looked close enough I'd find your flaw

That one piece of stray dirt from where you fell

You're always rock climbing your way up the sky


The same dirt I'd find scuffed on your knee

All mottled and blistered from that rock you hit

On the way down

Just like the dirt all sprawled in between your knees


I always want to plow you

Whenever you're in sight but you see

It would be inappropriate of me I know


But it still doesn't mean I don't want to

I'd just take my plow and ride it over to you

Invite you for a ride when you least expect it


From there

I wouldn't know what to do

But I'd never use a shovel or a hoe


Because I've always wanted to plow you