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"It was dark; there was no light. And in this I could not see, I stumbled and fell, for it was dark."

Was this guy for real? He calls that poetry. I call it shit.

He started moving closer to me, breathing heavier on my neck.

I could overlook his ignorance if he was slightly, even slightly attractive. But he wasn't.

This guy came in, started hitting on me, and I thought at least he was okay. At least good enough for a quick fuck, but now that I looked at him clearly with his brown dirty hair and a little gut sagging out of his shirt...

He was disgusting. This guy thought he was all that and a bag of marbles.

"LEX!!! We need you at table four!!" Maggie called, even though she and I knew there was no one at table four.

I looked at the man standing above me with a fake sympathetic look and he nodded with annoyance. I ran off through the crowds of people in the direction of table four, to at least make my escape look real.

I sat down at table four, of "Morbid Chaos", the restaurant/club/bar I worked at. I was a part time dancer and waiter. Each night, it was littered with a different crowd. Tonight happened to be jazz night, rocking a slow steady rhythm, and bringing in a lot of couples celebrating.

I pitied them. What was life without fun... moving from the next fix to the next fuck, day by day by day? Settling down was not something I would ever do.

Slumping back in my chair, I ran my hand through my soft, red hair. It was a habit of mine. Like many other things.

I saw Makin flirting with another guy. Once he saw me he winked, and waved a dark hand at me. The guy he was flirting with was definitely not as good looking as me. I'm sorry, if that sound a little stuck up, but I wasn't surprised when Makin ditched him and came over to me.

I remembered last time Makin and I had gotten together.

Apparently, his name means 'one who is capable'. And it is so true. He was soooo good.

Taught me new things I never knew we could do together with our bodies... And was very kinky. Just like I liked it.

As soon as he sat down next to me, I felt his hand going up my thigh towards my crotch.

I felt his hot and heavy breath on my neck as he whispered to me.

"So, how have you been, sex?"

He called me sex. It was his nickname for me, since my name was Lex.

"I've been alright." I responded. I felt it was a bit lame of a response, but you couldn't really blame me. We'd only noticed each other about five seconds ago and he had already started practically humping me.

My eyes glazed over and I felt myself getting hard. Apparently, he did too.

"Ah, hot already?" he raised his eyebrow at me, smirking. I hated him for knowing me so well, but I could never shake him as long as I loved what he did to me, when we were together.

I blushed, and looked down trying to hide it, while Makin simply smiled and continued licking every part of my body he could reach. When I looked up, I saw Maggie giggling above us.

"I'll take care of your shift, Hun" With that, she winked and trotted off, her curly blond hair flipping behind her. I was thankful to Maggie. She always looked out for me.

Whenever my roommate kicked me out for coming home stoned and trying to rape him, she would always let me stay with her.

After awhile of Makin 'playfully teasing' me, he asked me if I wanted to go home with him. I hesitantly told him yes because he liked shy boys, and I liked him. We walked out of Morbid Chaos through the thinning crowd and I bumped into someone. The skin was warm and soft.

A male.. tall, chiseled features, pale skin and gorgeous black hair that hung over his gray eyes. My green eyes looked up into his and I felt a shiver go up my spine; the good kind. I noted he was barely wearing anything. Short shorts with zippers up and down them (I noted the large bulge protruding from them), and a tight black fishnet shirt. With that, I knew he was gay. Which was good for me, since, obviously, I, too, was gay.

The moment was interrupted by Makin hastily pulling me outside MC, to his gray Mercedes.

I had worked the late shift today, and it was already dark. The moonlight was covered by clouds and no stars were visible. I got in and before I knew it, his Mercedes was speeding in and out of lanes between cars and speeding through lights, but he never lost control. Honestly, I was surprised. I thought I was going to die, right there in that car with him.

He brought me to his apartment and ushered me inside. We hadn't spoken since we were in MC. It was just easier that way to not talk to your booty call. He lazily offered me coffee- just to be polite-I declined knowing he was just being polite and looked around. His apartment looked different. There was a lot of new art covering his walls that used to be blank. I liked the new look. It was really elegant and classy like Makin. He gestured for me to go into his bedroom. I did so and laid down, waiting for him to come inside and take me. A few minutes later he came in and lay next to me.

".So." He whispered suggestively.

"Get on with it; we both know where this is going." I responded quickly.

With that, he smirked and unbuttoned my uniform shirt. He was really trying my patience, but I knew it would be worth it.

After we had both been fully undressed, he sat on top of me. He ran his dark, strong hands down my body and I felt myself begin to tremble. I knew that now, I was his and he would do whatever he wanted- That's the way it was with him and I liked it that way. He was, after all, the seme- Older, stronger, and surer of himself than I was. I was barely out of school- 19, and he was 24 and already successful.

But I still didn't envy him,

Makin quickly jumped off of me, ran into his bathroom, grabbed a container and came back. I noted it was lube. He lubed up and set the container down on the floor. I wasn't really paying attention. My mind was beginning to wonder off to that gorgeous man I saw earlier at MC. I bet I'd never see him again. Just some loser, probably.

He turned me over and I laid there limp. It would be harder if I struggled or got tense. I felt him enter, at first slowly, but then he got faster and deeper. He started moaning and I was screaming; He liked screamers. I bit my li, and I felt it get hot and swollen.

He muttered in my ear "You like that..?" I could hear he was smirking, even though I wasn't facing him.

I moaned. I was trying to say yes, but I couldn't. It felt so good. I imagined what we looked like.. his pale body on top of mine, black hair hanging over his face.

Wait. Makin wasn't pale- in fact, he was dark. I was thinking of that man. I couldn't seem to get him off my mind even though I had a virtual sex god on top of me right now.

Before long, Makin got tired.. and so did I. I fell asleep and he laid next to me as the sun rose.

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