Chic Like Plastique

Words can faze the resolution
formed so smooth to cradle
what is the rhyme?
the Institution.

What I mean is it's directed
molded into special specious thought
all the better to unfurl in
what's the rhyme?
I just forgot...

So she wants to be a poet
and wants to chant a song
but when (pre)scripted thoughts are torpid
she's just playing right along

Is this one the one that's different;
faster, sharper, more mature?
is it really so important,
when One thinks life's only a store?

A taste will start the trickling
hypothesize there all you want
soon they're hungry shells and spitting
from a chamber, as they thought

They couldn't turn back from the door;
it's so bombastic, they scramble to get more

He seeks to become Bigger
doesn't want to die today
does that mean it's alright already
to turn around and slay the throng?

Let's all ingest with stubborn sad eyes
act surprised it don't break down
but builds up, as a Pattern does:
Recognized, in every round

Buy up affected disaffection
until you find if you belong.