He was beautiful. Like a lonely angel. But why were those baby blue eyes so frightened? What was he afraid of?

I knew what I was scared of. I was sure that I was going to fall for this boy. And he was the sort of boy who would accidentally drop my heart and then feel sorry and try to help me pick the bloody fragments off the floor. But they'd slip from his fingers and shatter like china into pieces so small they'd get caught in the floorboard cracks along with dust and beads from broken bracelets.

I've always been terribly dramatic.

Then again, the whole situation was pretty dramatic.

I had been daydreaming, per usual, and he had been walking with his head down. We ended up on the dirty linoleum floor, limbs entangled, surrounded by curious classmates.

"Hi!" I said brightly, sitting up so I was perched on his chest.

He stared at me. "You're sitting on me," he pointed out. His voice was really high and soft- he was totally confirming my angel analogy.

"I know," I said cheerfully. "But you look like you'd run away if I got up."

By now the hall had emptied, as it was clear it was only me being weird again.

"So, Fear," I said sweetly, "are you a natural blonde?"

He reached up and touched a feathery strand indignantly. "Of course-" He stopped. "Why did you call me that?" The haughty expression was replaced by a very nervous twitch.

I pointed to the delicate silver bracelet on his thin wrist which spelt out the word in shiny gold letters.

"That's not my name," he said shortly, covering the jewelry with his sleeve. "It's just a bracelet."

I was interested, but I let it go. I had a feeling if I asked, he wouldn't tell me anyway. "What's your name, then?"

"Fay," he said, blinking. His eyelashes were so long and fair; I wanted to make wishes on them.

"I'm going to call you Fear, anyway," I decided. "It fits." Though, Fay fit quite well, too. Especially since it was a name for a girl.

He looked slightly annoyed, but I didn't give him a chance to respond.

"I'm Lillian," I said, sticking out my hand. "But call me Lily or die."

He shook my hand warily, and I marveled at the cold smoothness of his hand. Almost like glass.

"Would you mind getting off me?" he asked.

"Oh, sorry." I hopped up and helped him to his feet.

He was only of average height, but because of my short stature, he towered over me. And he was slender- even slimmer than me. He was such a girl! And I found it adorable.

He brushed his fringe out of his eyes and smiled at me shyly. Then he took off like my eyes were about to burn a hole in his heart.

I grinned, my dark indigo eyes lighting up.

I had found my prince charming. But we were only at the once upon a time stage. We were a long way away from our happy ending.

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