Angels screamed, cried, tried to strike us down. We laughed wickedly, dancing through the thunder and lightning, dodging raindrops, soaked and feeling safe inside the danger.

I had always dreamed of teaching him to love the rain.

He turned his face to the clouds, a knife of lighting illuminating the childlike wonder in his eyes. His black jeans hugged his legs, his black t-shirt clinging to his chest, revealing each rib. His hair was plastered to his cheeks, dark and silky, and his wet cheeks were flushed.

I twirled in a circle, my long indigo skirt hanging off my hips. My wet curls cascaded down my back in a chestnut waterfall, falling to my waist and dripping down my legs. I blinked the water from my eyelashes and grinned at Fear.

He grinned back, drawing me into arms.

"I've always wanted to kiss you in the rain," I murmured in his ear, drowning in his embrace.

His lips collided with mine, our bodies pressed against each other, cold but warm at the same time.

I lost myself in the moment, forgetting everything but the feel of Fear's slender fingers on my back and the taste of his innocent kiss. Nothing matter but us. The world could end and I doubt we'd notice.

A crash of thunder shouted for attention, but we didn't react.

I traced Fear's high cheekbones with my dripping fingertips and he shuddered, the fine blonde hairs on his arms standing on end.

I broke free of his hold and pirouetted, singing with the storm.

He laughed and joined me, his long limbs flailing in the wind.

I collapsed on the cool grass, watching him become one with the rain. There was something different about him that night. He was brighter… stronger… taller, somehow.

"I love you!" he screamed over the storm.

"I love you, too!" I cried, my tears mixing with raindrops.

"Fay," I whispered.

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