hip college gurl (2.0)

so you sit there by the swimming pool wearing your string bikini. a breeze against your flat belly, it chills, and you feel sexy. it's cloudy but you keep your sunglasses on. earphones that stick out from your ears lead to a colored mini-ipod, lying next to a cell phone. one leg crossed over the other, one hand holding a cigarette, the other a can of beer. you're not even twenty. this is life. high school's over, you're in charge now.

getting drunk, getting laid, you call those freedom. cussing emphasizes your points. being yourself, being different, an equal sign in between. doing forbidden things makes you an individual. questioning authority makes you open-minded. those who disagree with you are narrow-minded. even if your views are as one-sided as theirs.

you encourage and celebrate homosexuality. feminists and abortions are your friends. the moslems you try to understand. everyone has a right as a human. tolerance and respect are the key. yet you scoff at and mock christianity. the church-goers you like are the ones who shush. their beliefs need to stay within.

people have always been dying of starvation and deadly diseases, but you notice catastrophes only when they're on tv. the shock and the concern are not pretense. so the terrorists attack on tuesday, the flag gets lowered halfway, and you're back partying on friday.

everything in the world is wrong. you criticize, you blame, you protest, you're done. it's shopping time. on your way out a store, a homeless man passes by. with a smile, you hand him a dollar bill. there, you've made a difference in someone's life. your contribution will make the world a better place.