Close my eyes
Bind my thoughts
Kill my soul
You with your power, your greed, your sins
Torment my femininity in your strong grasping fist,
My body, my beauty, belittle my mind,
Useless behind your shadow,
I am too small to be noticed,
My high voice never heard,
My touch too soft to change a world abused by the father in them all,
Your deep voice is resonating,
Echoing through their minds,
I am the delicacy,
I am to float above the world, never to make a dent.
Your strong arm moves people,
While my heart is my eyes,
You see me as the object to be obtained,
But I am a woman
A heart, a soul and mind,
I feel beyond love, beyond sadness
I feel the earth inside me,
A part of who I am,
I am second only to nature,
Not to your power
I have a piece of the Mother inside me,
Feel her in my touch -
In my love,
You, my friend, my enemy, my master, my love, my brother, my father,
No product, no object, no wealth
Can compare to the power each woman holds.