Once upon a time-
againagain it always started with those four words
tales about a spoiled princess thrown in a prison (of mind or of spirit?)
cryingcrying because she was ohsoscared
the demons are coming.

oh lord, she was rescued just when the big bad bigbad witch tried to
kill her.
lovely handsome prince:
hoof beats thump the mossy grounds (&againagain)
the demons are screaming.

live in a fairytale, a wondrous creation to hide from
reality: crashbamcrashbam
so what if you fear it all? doesn't help doesn't help- time to face your fears little girl
the demons are arriving.

so raise your knife and plant it in my chest inches from my heart
made of paper made of porcelain made of clay- but hey
you kill me and turn my heart to ash
blown away by the wind the wind the wind
scream, love.


because the demons are coming to you not because
i sent them but because you sent them
upon yourself
your life your soul your spirit (reach now reach)
fragile like paper- humans are

so as paper will turn to ash when touched by fire
as paper is fragile- oh so fragile
you tear me you tear me you tear my heart
into pieces (eat it raw)
the demons are here.

tell me now:
are you my prince come to the rescue
or the big bad bigbad witch come to kill me?
because really;
it is the same thing, right?

tear me to pieces, if you will.