Sweet dreams, my aphrodite

Warm sunlight bathed Sapphire's small form as a light breeze gently caressed her open left cheek. The young and normally vivacious girl slowly openned her eyes to an environment filled with colorful flowers, ornamental sculptures, and multi-tiered cascading water fountains--but none of them held an interest to this blond-haired, blue-eyed beauty.

The scenery quickly changed as the bright, vivid outside world faded to a barely luminous corridor with one lone figure standing darkly before the girl's sapphire blue eyes. Long black hair trimmed a fair, stolid face while bluish-green eyes complemented this man's perfect countenance. The young man lightly lifted his right hand, reaching out to the pale girl.

The frightened femme shirked before the man's gloved hand. The image before the girl quickly dashed away, as if the man had succumbed to a computer virus and his faultless face were slowly degenerating into the dark of nothingness.

Before the image of the young man could completely vanish, a low voice echoed in Sapphire's mind, just outside of her hearing range. Her imagination led her to make up the words she thought she had heard.

"It doesn't matter to me--if you hate me. You'll always be... my own hero."

A quick jolt woke Sapphire up from her deep sleep. All this time, the scenery, the words--everything had been in her mind. She cautiously looked around to find that she was lying in her own fluffy bed, wrapped tightly in a big, white comforter with dozens of small, cushiony pillows poking through the folds of the quilt. She just laid there for a few minutes, quietly contemplating her soul's ambition. Why did she dream that? What is her heart trying to tell her?

Feeling confused and slightly groggy, Sapphire decided to rise from her specified sleeping domain and fully wake herself up with a cup of hot tea--so she traversed to the kitchen area.

As Sapphire made her way to the kitchen, stumbling and bumbling along the way, she walked through the doorway... to see Seth standing before the counter with a hot beverage in his hands. The man from Sapphire's dream looked up from his steaming cup as the girl stared blankly back at him.

"Isn't it a little early for you to be up?"

Sapphire snapped out of her gaze and responded slowly, "Actually, yes."

There was a moment of hesitation before Seth motioned the hand with the hot beverage toward Sapphire. "Since you're here, would you like a cup of hot tea?"

Sapphire didn't want to take Seth's drink, but she desperately needed a wake-up call. A long moment of silence pervaded the kitchen after Seth forfeited his drink to Sapphire. Their eyes wandered back and forth between each other and any empty spaces left in the room. After an eternity of silence, Sapphire sighed and slowly turned toward the entrance to the kitchen, now an escape from the timeless existence. A low voice stopped Sapphire from walking through the portal.

"It doesn't matter to me... if you hate me."

Sapphire quickly turned her head, hair whirling behind her in a trail of streamers. Her eyes made contact with Seth's stern blue eyes. She was afraid to listen on, afraid of the words that would come next-- she wanted to run. But before she could think of backing out, Seth continued.

"It doesn't matter... because you'll always be... my first love."

Sapphire stood in place, too shocked to say or do anything. Those were not the words she had imagined. As her deep blue eyes welled up with tears, she ran to Seth, dropping the forgotten mug on the floor, spilling beads of liquid and shards of broken porcelain. As her arms reached around Seth, she buried her face in the crook of his neck.

"I don't hate you..."

Between sniffles and small giggles, Sapphire looked up to Seth, gazing deep into his swirling blue-green eyes.

"I could never hate you. You're my cupid, afterall."

Seth blushed slightly at the comment, realizing that Sapphire had been awake when he had laid her in her bed to sleep. Sapphire laughed and smiled at Seth before replying to his action with a sweet kiss.