Lost at Sea

So, almighty God of the Sea

What do you have in store for me?

You, how dare you change the tides like you did?

I lost control, couldn't hold onto the loose sand any longer

Because you, you have to be so damn attractive

Pulling me in with your gaze

Changing the tides on me and making me go insane

With the things you do

Don't smile anymore!

It'll just pull me in

Don't laugh or tell jokes!

I'll be too caught up in them to notice until it's too late

And before you even know it I'll be stranded out at sea

Sea God, please, don't you see what you're doing?

Stop being you!

Please, for just one, single day

Cease your personality's reign over me

Sever whatever ties we may have

And let me swim where I am

Miserably, regretfully, sourly by the shore

Deathly afraid of whatever I may enounter out in the middle

The middle of that vast, churning possibility

Don't look at me that way!

With your eyes so kind and your stare so piercing

Don't shine any attention upon me!

I can't stand it when you care about me

For I know that soon, it will be too late for me

I shall be gone and lost forever at sea

Farewell, old world

So long, home land

I'm departing for a nonexistant location now

Please, stop

Don't pull me towards you!

I don't need the temptations you unintentionally advertise!

Stop being so strong and couragous!

It makes me wish you were by my side

I don't need you

I dont' want this

I can't have this

I can't have you

So, please, I'm begging you with every pitiful ounce of plea I have left

Stop shifting the tides and messing with my mind!

Stop, the current is too strong for me to resist!

Seriously, I can't handle any of this!

I can't touch the bottom anymore!

I have lost all foundation!

Help me back to shore; please do it now!

No, I will not go with you to the midst of the oceans

I have nothing keeping me afloat now

It's all me, only me versus your rip tide

Just please, I'm too pathetic for this anymore

Please stop your wonder

Please cease your amazing existance

Oh, God of the Sea, I can't handle the emotions you make me feel

I can't handle it at all

No more jokes, no more laughs, no more smiles, no more glances

Nothing at all; that's what I need

Contradicting what it is I want, I still need to go along with it

For if I don't then I'll fall for you even more

These emotions will become more deeply rooted in my heart

God of the Sea, look what you've done

Gaze upon my scarred heart

Examine the roots

Infer what you'd like

We both know what this means

I'm lost at sea