Chances Are by writerforever

You keep your distance from me

Saying that we can't be together

Saying that it will never work

Please don't keep pushing me away

Take my hand

Step out onto the dance floor of life

And dance with me

Sway to the music

Be filled with passion

Chances are we'll fall in love

Don't pay heed to what the world thinks

Love me as I love you

Take a chance

Don't be afraid

I will never hurt you, this I promise

We will face the world together

Come and be with me

Let me kiss your virgin lips

Let me hold you in my arms

Let me protect you from those you seek to hurt us

Take a chance

Chances are we'll fall in love

Chances are we'll be together forever

Chances are we'll escape into our own little world

Chances are that we'll fall in love

Chances areā€¦