Out went the ocean.

In came the tide.

Darkness above.

No rubies in the sky.

Fair Ghosts were waning.

His Demons too.

Howling and fading.

Into that neon blue.

Star-patterned pearls.

Flashes of silk.

Rich golden warmth.

Emerald swirls.

Gems of the fairies.

No beauty hides.

Distantly shining.

In his neon green eyes.

Soul of great heroes.

A longing to fly.

Swans of his breath.

Lacing the sky.

Peace in his voice.

Whispers of fire.

A poet's devotion.

To human desire.

Colorful dreams.

Sweetness of fruits.

The romance of past.

Still dug in his roots.

Hope of a sunrise.

Beauty in truth.

Essense of devotion.

To hold and to sooth.

Echoes of Demons.

Wailing inside.

A rippling roar.

Glints in their eyes.

Tears of a lover.

Pain that he hides.

Immune to the spells.

Of a passion despised.

Persistence unbound.

Wishing on stars.

His black-veiled ruby.

Lighting the night.

On the love track.

Traversing the maze.

An undying soul.

His neon eyes ablaze.