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That's Life



Rain drummed heavily on the awning, it slid down the metal surface, picking up bits of rust on its way so that when it dribbled over the edge and down in a curtain, smacking against the bottom step it left a red tint to the groove in the cement, created by so many years of rains such as this.

The door, a plain, uninviting steel door at the top of the steps, with a window of wire meshed glass, on which was printed the address and purpose of the establishment (1100 N. 2nd. Brockwell Publishing Co., Est. 1898) opened, emitting a young and pleased looking woman from its florescent lit innards. Kaitlyn Lewis very nearly bounced down the steps of the publishing company's office, her publishing company's office, that is, the publishing company that was publishing her book. She couldn't help but smile as she moved up the street, not even remotely aware of the pouring rain.

She had been walking about ten minutes, seemingly aimlessly, when an intensely annoying series of mechanical sounding tones suddenly erupted from her coat pocket. She gave a short jolt, as if startled and quickly pulled out her cell phone, clearly unused to it; she flipped it open, pressed the flashing "talk" button and held it to her ear, "Hello?"

The saucy sweet voice of Jasmine, her friend, of sorts, rang in her ear, "Hey Kat, so… how'd it go?"

Kat very nearly giggled into the phone, "Oh my gosh Jas, you'll never believe—"

"It's getting published?!"

Kat nodded, realized that Jas couldn't see her and quickly answered, "Yes! Can you believe it, my book, actually in print?"

"Sure I can believe it I just… can't believe it! You an author!"

"Who'd a thunk it right?"

"Well I always knew…"

"Yeah, right."

"Anyway, are you going to celebrate? We should go out and do something."

"Well," Kat paused, "I'm gonna celebrate… sort of."

The voice on the other end sounded skeptical, "What do you mean sort of?"

"I was thinking of going to the cemetery today… you know…"

"Oh come on Kat, you're not serious? You're such a morbid, come over, we'll go out for pizza and a movie or something. When's the last time you did anything fun?"

Kat thought back to the last time she'd done something fun, about sixteen months ago, "Well, I dunno…"

"Come on..!"

"Maybe, yeah alright, but I gotta at least go see Leanne first."

"Why? You said so yourself she's a bitch."

"She is, but I have to go see her."


"Because… just because alright?"

"Whatever, just hurry up."

Kat rolled her eyes, "yeah, ok, see ya in a while."

"Don't forget."

"I won't."

"Because these days you---"

"Jas, I won't."

"Alright, bye."


Kat snapped the phone shut and moved up the walkway toward the up town high-rise that Leanne and Bethany Hurse called home; it was one of those ritzy places that had a canopy over the walkway presumably to keep dry the long red doormat and the doorman standing "guard" beside it.

Allowing the man to open the door for her she stepped inside, feeling out of place almost at once as she moved through the next set of double doors into the main lobby, the decor reminded her of a museum in that everything was very expensive, very clean, and not to be touched.. Her wet shoes squeaked some on the polished floor as she made her way to the elevator and pushed the "up" button.

"What floor Ma'm?" The elevator operator questioned almost robotically as she stepped into it and the doors closed behind her.

"Oh, um the 8th floor please," She replied, she felt uncomfortable certainly but there was something about elevator operators in full uniform and elevator music actually playing in an elevator that made it hard to bite back a laugh. Moments later the door reopened on the 8th floor and Kat made her way up the hall to door eight eighteen, a dark blue door that had a sophisticated, haughty air about it, and rang the bell.

The bell had hardly finished ringing inside when the door burst open and she got a view of the inside of the Hurse residence, which had an equally sophisticated and haughty air about it as the door would suggest, the view lasted a split second before she was hit by a school uniformed something about the size of a seven year old with the speed and force of a rocket. "Kattie!" Bethany shouted, wrapping her arms around Kat's waist, she pulled back almost instantly, "you're all wet..."

Kat bent down to her level and kissed her cheek, "hey Bethy is your Mom at home?"

"Bethany what have I told you about opening this door? What if it had been—oh hello Kaitlyn." Bethany's mother, Leanne, appeared, still dressed in her work closed she looked every inch the successful business woman in as sleek gray suit jacket and matching skirt, her hair pulled back in a clip. Kat was instantly reminded of something James had once said, "no matter what she does, she still looks gorgeous." It was true, luxurious dark brown hair, doe brown eyes and a frame that would make most models jealous, even the forced smile and pained look in her eyes couldn't hide her beauty. "I wasn't expecting you, should I have?"

"No, no I just decided to be you know, spontaneous."

"Yes I see did you spontaneously go for a swim?"

"What? Oh," She chuckled, "no I walked."

"What'd you do that for?" Bethany asked, still standing between the two women, holding onto the doorknob.

"Bethany why don't you go get a start on your homework hm?" Her Mother said without taking her eyes of Kat.

"But I want to see Kattie—"

"Now, please."

Kat patted the child's dark curly head, "go on I'll see you later." With that the child disappeared into the rest of the flat.

"I guess you should come in." Leanne said, stepping aside, Kat followed her down the entrance hall to the living room; it was very impersonal and very modern.

"I can only stay for a minute," Kat obliged as Leanne motioned for her to sit down in a surprisingly comfortable chair, it was clear that Leanne didn't want her here at all, and the idea of entertaining her for any matter of minutes was out of the question. "I only stopped by because I had something to tell you."

"About the book?"

"Yes," Kat replied trying not to look sour, the way she said "the book" as though it were something dangerous and grim bothered her. After a moment of uncomfortable silence she continued, "I just wanted to tell you that I finished it and… and it's going to be published."

"Oh, that's… that's wonderful, really, terrific, congratulations."


"You know, I know James wanted you to write it, but I never thought you'd actually do it."

"Yes well… you know how hard it is to say no to James."

Julianne smiled thinly, "Yes I do, so when can I buy a copy?"

"Oh I was just going to give you one, it'll be out on the bookstore shelves this fall, at least, that's what my publisher said, he was pushing for a book tour but I don't know."

"Kaitlyn when… when James and I first started talking again and he told me about you… I really hated you."

Kat smiled, "I really hated you too."

Leanne's smile turned from forced to the real genuine thing for probably the first time in over a year, "but now it's different, there's no more competition."

"I was never aware we were competing."

"You're a very bad liar," Leanne embraced her so suddenly and tightly that Kat was taken aback, but after a few seconds she returned the gesture, "thank you…"

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