- a general statement on how to become an absolute ruler by misleading subjects and making them bow for you (a summary of civilization up until this point /2005/) -

Got an idea
Solid and sound
Plant a seedling in the ground
Abide my time
So wisely spent
A cool persona while patient
Events don't just happen
They gradually grow
Good thing I chose fertile soil
With enough rain
With enough sun
My pride and purpose shall have won

Loathing people
Desperate shouts
Cling to me when you can't see out
I'll get your meals
I'll get your clothes
My real intentions, no one knows
'Cause power is a tool
Best not conveyed
But elucidated as something else instead
With enough base
With enough trust
Your utopias are mine to boss

Got an idea
Thought of in past years
Don't be surprised when you hear the cheers
Don't be surprised
When they call my name
For the once laws and standards aren't the same
Hijacking, deceit
And theft
What was society is now bereft
When most ashamed
You'll peer at my eyes
I'll tell you this is the history of time