Chapter 4

Van mumbled softly to the Tamer, who mumbled back as the waited for Arcana who had gone into a spare room in the stable to change into something a little more comfortable.

"Are you sure you can handle this, from what I've heard you have quite a few miles to go till you get to the Silurian castle and even then, it is no guarantee that you will be safe."

"I am sure my friend." Van said softly as he heard the Stable doors open. Arcana walked out wearing Breaches and a man's tunic. Van stared noticing her chest was bound as to not to give them trouble if they were stopped. A woman in a man's clothing wasn't accepted in many towns especially in England. Her long hair was pulled back, tied in a low ponytail by a black ribbon. She looked at Van before moving towards her ride and swung herself over with ease, staring towards their destination. Van shook hands with the Tamer before hopping onto his own ride and moved towards Arcana.

"We should start moving if we want to have distance, otherwise we'll be traveling in the dark." Arcana said softly. Van nodded. What she was saying was true but it didn't ease his mind, there was something bothing her, she just didn't know what.

Victoria stared at the letter she wrote, staring at her writing with an unfamiliar uneasiness. Why was she so nervous, it was just a letter right? What was wrong with writing down information and sending it out? Victoria slowly folded the letter and sealed it shut with waxs, marking it with her family's seal. Waiting for a few moments Victoria slowly turned it over and began to write with her neat script to who the letter would be addressed to.

Professor Austian Silurian of London England the Silurian house.

Victoria stood slowly sliding the letter into a pouch that hung around her waist as she stared out of the window nodding at the sun's noon position before grabbing a cloak and moving out of her room and out of the castle as she quickly made her way towards the town nearby. Her steps took her towards the local tavern of the town and she made her way in ignoring the odd looks she received as she moved towards the bar moving to the bar tender.

"Excuse me?" Victoria asked softly the man jerking his head up at the sound of her voice.

"Yes miss, how may I be of service?" The bartender asked cleaning a glass as he spoke.

"I need to get a letter to London, as fast as possible, are there any messengers ready to leave, now?" Victoria said in a normal tone, pulling out her letter holding it in her hands.

"Well miss, it's a bit early, even though its noon, and even if there was they wouldn't leave till the marrow."

"I see." Victoria said pushing false disappointment into her voice. "Then I guess me offering double, when they leave and another payment when they get back after news from who receives this means nothing." Victoria said slowly beginning to put the letter back into her pocket when a hand grabbed hers.

"I believe I can be of assistance miss." A middle-aged man's voice said, Victoria's eyes lifted catching the man's. Victoria slipped the letter into the man's hands along with a leather pouch she pulled with her other hand before turning away out of the tavern.

"Leave today." Victoria said loudly as she stepped out and began to make her way back to the castle.

Arcana stared down at the establishment of her father's fortress. Its large walls surrounding it giving it double the protection considering it was in a valley surrounded by large hills. Not the best place to be if attacked. Secret tunnels then lead out of the house, large bases inside the hills that the Silurian family kept secret from all even some of those who lived with them. Betrayal from the family was unheard of, but precautions were still kept.

Arcana's eyes blinked as she heard horses behind her neah. Van's horse especially getting impatient for waiting so long. Taking a deep breath, she let her legs tighten around the horse letting it know it was time to go. And it did, taking off down the slope to the horse, enjoying every moment of its run, despite how hard it was worked to get to its destination right before the noon sun.

They had had to travel in the night to Arcana's disappointment and uneasyment. Van had picked up on her uneasyment and looked at her questionably but she had refused to answer, and Van being Van hadn't asked further. Something had been following them. She was sure of it.

The familiar sensation of the nervous gut feeling was acting up. The ever-present sensation of being followed, Paranoia to the total extreme.

It didn't matter that her fellow travelers were picking up her uneasiness, feeling quiet uneasy themselves, constantly second guessing themselves the whole trip to find out what was bothering her.

Three times as they went, Van moved away from the group and the trail, tracking around them on foot to try and prove, through his actions that Arcana could stop her new found paranoia and continue with the trip having a lighter heart to deal with the problems she would have to when she came back to her father's estate.

It didn't work. Of course, Van knew it probably wouldn't, But he had to try. What else can you do when you see your master upset? Try and cheer her up of course.

Arcana blinks pulling back the horses reigns as her black stallion rode past the gates of the tall gate, into the court yard type structure, already busy with activities. Carriages being unloaded that were packed with large trunks, boxes, and small containers for woman's hats.

Arcana's eyes barely noticed, quickly scanning the area for her father, not that it would've mattered. Arcana knew exactly where he was. He was always there when she returned from a mission, weither she was back expected, early from her quick and precise work, or being delayed from the weather. Her mind could picture him now, Sitting comfortably in the ridiculously uncomfortable chair that sat behind his desk. His large worn hands, that knew hundreds of fights, forced into know completing the ever growing piles of records and paper work that needed to be taken care of.

A new family was sprouting up, beginning to publish the work that the very secrecy and lively hood of the entire Silurian family. The Hellsings. The new family, that thought it better, to look like an honorable family, indirectly publicizing the problems of Werewolves, creatures of the night, and of course the most frightful of them all, the vampire. Villages, cities, towns that thought they had finally overcome the myths and legends of the haunting of theses Creatures, now must face that they were true. Every story, every tall tale, every old wives lie they had been spooked with as children were now back, to bite them in their ass.

She could've laughed at the ironic twist to the situation, but she was too deeply involved. Every fault pushed her family closer to insanity, only held together by her Father's strength.

A whistle caught her attention as she slipped off her horse. Her eyes turned narrowing into a glare as she met the blue eyes of the blond boy who sat on a nearby wall. Her gaze quickly looked away, not wanting to bother with him, quickly walking over to a servant with a free hand, handing him the reigns to her horse, giving him quick instructions for how to tend to him.

"Aww, Arcana, why must you be so cold toward me, I know you like playing hard to get, but Please, I know you want me, that's why you road in here so fast, am I right?" Philip said with a smile, pushing his blond bangs back to join his loosely tied back hair.

Her steps didn't slow as she continued to move, past the blond up the steps to enter the main house, Quickening her steps as she moved past the large dark oak doors, not bothering to give her usual polite hello to the people that bustled around her. Things were much to important to begin greetings.

Philips steps were heard behind her, followed by another familiar pair of foot steps. The sound was harder, yet lighter then a spoiled snob lord like Philip.


Arcana's mind registered instantly, as her steps quickened yet again, feeling the feeling of impatience rush into her gut making her walk, turn into a slight jog.

Her footsteps stopped only when she reached the door, staring at if for a few moments, taking in the familiar designs that covered the door. The workmanship, priceless, a gift from some long dead individual, no doubt Thanking the family from saving them from the terrors of the night, swearing secrecy of what they experienced, so others didn't need to worry.

Slowly lifting a hand, Arcana knocked on the large thick doors, loudly and clearly, ignoring Philips words as he raced forward, telling her to stop.

"come in.." A voce said form behind the door, and Arcana did, opening the door quickly taking a step in before shutting it behind her, leaving not just Philp out, but Van as well.

Before here was the desk, still cluttered with organized piles, filled bookshelves behind that as well, lining the walls of the rather large office. Randomly placed Tabled filled the room, covered with artifacts that were collected, and given the family, far to precious to be left out in the open in the house.

Austian Silurian, head of the Silurian family sat in the chair behind the desk. His face usually serious was broken into a small smile, facing the small blond girl in front of him.

Her curly locks were tied back with a dark blue ribbon that matched not only her dress but her eyes as well. Her back was facing Arcana, despite Arcana knowing that she had made her presence known quite well.

Austian's eyes looked up meeting Arcana; a surprised look crossed his face as he saw her. Soon covered with a true smile, mixed with relive and happiness that Arcana was home safe.

"Arcana, what do I owe the pleasure of having you arrive home so early?" Austian asked moving his hand to offer his daughter a seat.

"Bad news." The black haired girl replied, standing straight, refusing her father's offer for a chair. She didn't deserve it after the mistake she made.

Again The head of the families Hand moved offering Arcana a seat, a little less offering then it had been. "What happened." Austian asked, his face becoming more serious. Arcana didn't say a word, her eyes falling on the blond child in front of her.

She didn't have to know. Arcana knew that if that child heard a single word she'd be the one to scamper off to her 'Wonderful' Father and spill the news, probably stopping off with her brother to let him know as well.

Austian sighed, slowly standing, his hands moving over his desk, quickly piling up papers clearing off some space on the table.

"Annibele, I believe its time for you to go try your riddles out on some others, grace them with your presence while me and Arcana have a little chat ok?" Austian said in a sweet tone, smiling down at the young girl who nodded, and bowed politely.

"Of course Uncle, I'll bring you some new ones when you're finished with your discussion." The young blonde's voice said sweetly turning from her uncle, moving past Arcana giving her a look that Arcana knew too well from her.

'You've messed up again. Disgraced the family? Maybe hehehe'

More or less Arcana knew the little girl would be singing it in a tune as she ran down the halls prancing innocently.

As the Wooden doors shut behind her Arcana watched as her father walked past her as well, pulling the doors completely shut, locking them from the inside so no one could ruin the discussion they were to have.

"Sit Arcana..." Austian's words said clearly, and icily. Had he ever sounded like that in all her years with him?

Moving, non to fast, but not slowly either, Arcana sat, her back perfectly straight in the chair she had been directed to twice this evening. Arcana's eyes focused on a wooden stake that sat on a stand on the desk, the only item that was not cluttered on the desk. Her body sat straight, despite hearing her father's footsteps moving around the room, slowly making their way back to the desk.

It sounded as though millions of arrows were being shot at Arcana, but she refused to move, or react in the slightest despite the wisps of fear that were growing in her stomach.

"What went wrong?" Austian's voice asked clearly.

Did she dare think that she heard bits Not anger, not loathing. But...Disappointment.

Arcana's eyes stared at the stake trying to recount to how badly she had messed up. Probably destroying the whole legacy that the family had built upon.

"I allowed my prey to escape." Arcana said softly. Austian's sigh echoed around the room. Reminding Arcana of what she had done wrong. The book that Austian had removed from its shelf slowly opened the page being flipped through slowly painfully, Not page by page, for that would toil Human's patience, but in stead at a pace that suited Lord Austian's frustrations, as well as the disappointment in herself Arcana held.

"Of all the creatures of the night that this family strives to fight against the Vampires are the most Cunning, Vicious, Mysterious, and of course, Beautiful in their way of haunting. We can barely imagine to what it must be like to live for all eternity, needing only one life source, not even needing it daily if one is strong enough. They could wipe us out Arcana, leaving us to stain the dirt that we walk on, that they live in from protection from the sun. Accept, they need our blood to survive, or that is what we believe, what we Hope to believe. We the Silurian family has fought back for over 100 years, destroying all creatures with any means necessary. If it escapes we hunt it down, Even if it means our death, and if we ever become one of those monstrous beings we only have one thing left to do, We warn our family, and either commit the deed ourselves before anything is finalized, Or, the others around us commit it without a hesitation."

Austian's words slowly cut through Arcana's skin, her body's straight posture, slowly began to slacken as the weight of what was being told to her, slowly began to sink in.

"You have compromised our secrecy, What We Thrive to Protect Arcana, DO you have any idea what this could mean?" His voice asked slowly beginning to show his emotion of fear that broke through.

"You could expose what we are, who we are, what our families legacy is. Its bad enough those blasted Van Hellsings run around shoving what they do in person. But, if we were to be discovered, how would the world go on with not to protect itself from these creatures they barely know exist?"

"He knew my name...My real name, the nickname no one else knew accept those at that night, You,, my family." Arcana whispered softly. Her words cutting through the air with far deeper meaning then the man who stood tall behind the messy desk.

"He knew your..." Austian's eyes widened. His voice cursed softly, as he pushed his hair back from his face. His dark brown hair, having wisps of silver graying hair. "This is not good."

His voice whispered softly. Arcana's head nodded slowly, her body recovering from the emotional break she had let slip up.

"He spoke of a count, The one who turned him." Arcana said softly, her eyes lifting to meet Austian's who looked shocked, surprised at Arcana's words.

"They never speak of those who've changed then." Austian's words left his lips softly. Slowly he got to his feet, pulling out a piece of paper. His other hand quickly picked up the pen, scribbling onto the paper

Arcana's brow frowned feeling Austian's uneasiness and fear. Fear for the curiosity of the events.

Arcana's eyes watched as her father's lips blew on the ink he scribbled down to help dry the ink as he lit a candle placing a small metal cup over it, to melt wax.

"I want you to stay here, in England for a remander of time while we discover what exactly is going on." Austian said, clearly, his fingers slipping off the ring he wore wiht the family crest, placing it on the desk as he takes a small chunk of wax, placing it in the metal dish that rested overtop of the candle. Arcana's brow frowned as she looked at him, watching him move, preparing a letter, no doupt something to bring useless individuals to "protect her". All they'd end up doing is getting in her way.

"Father." Arcana began.

"Don't even begin with all of your talks of being better then every one else Arcana. You are good, without a doupt. Despite all that however, you will stay here. I d not wish to send you out, until we've discovered what it is we're dealing with. Therefore, i belive that the best call of action would be to have you stay here, while others of the family seek their and in this adventure. After all, it isn't proper for one to reep all the glory and adventure one has in your position."

Arcana scowled knowing her Father's mind wouldn't be changed.

"Is that all?" Arcana asked her voice short to the point, slightly annoyed she hadn't gotten her way, instead being forced to stay here, stranded home, to think about over and over again how she had messed up.

"You can go, I suggest you unpack, and prepare yourself in proper attire for dinner." Austian said, his voice changing to a slight amused sound. Arcana's eyes gave a glare, standing to her feet.

"Proper attire for a woman? A dress, those low cut impossibule fashions that keep getting created to show what a woman's body is for? Its useless and stupid, some i can wear and agree with, but whats starting to set a trend, is shameful, and wihtout taste. Stupid." Arcana's voice sounded filled with passion, and her voiced oppinions of annoyance and frustration of how women are taken advantage of, just simply by their clothing.

Austian laughed, the sound, carefree, and truely amused.

"You always did like to voice yourself passionately Arcana." Austian said softly, his lips wearing a smile.

Arcana felt her cheeks burn, as her eyes widen with surprise at her father's words. Quickly turning Arcana left the room, her hair bouncing slightly behind her back as she walked out of the room, down the corridor, to the eastern tower of the fortress of the Silurians.

She felt Van's eyes on her every step of the way, The heat in her face distracting her too much to hear his footsteps, not that it would've mattered. When Van doesn't wish to be heard, it takes much more then a clear head, full nights rest and years of experience to hear him. It takes him, wanting you to hear him as well. Quickening her steps, Arcana walked to her room..her foot steps stopping as here eyes trained on teh dark figre that leaned casually next to her door. His frame, his build, the scent wafting off of him, into Arcana's nostrils as the wind picked up from a window near by, blowing toward her, his clothing and hair ruffling slightly.

Arcana didn't move, watching the boy's frame standing like a statue stil, the only thing moving was that that the wind blew. His eyes bore into hers, makign her swallow, her cheeks burning deeper, as he seemed to see past her friverlous desguise, past the barriors she set up around herself in defense inpenitrabule for anything, accept his gaze.

A fire, melting away a solid frozen fortress, protected by the sun's rays by blizzards. Snow and ice, falling always around and around.

But, like always his gaze made it through.

The piersing gaze. The endless unstopabule look of unexplainabule emotion in his eyes. Arcana straightened her posture, swallowing, before walking to her room, her eyes, completely ignoring Van's presance. Instead her hand opened the knob, pushing open the door, leaving it open as she walked into the large open room. One of the sides of the room was lined with books, only a shadow of what her father had in his office.

Van's quiet footsteps followed her, stepping into the room, slowly shutting the door behind him.

"What was the verdict?" Van asked softly.

Arcana felt his eyes on her back, her every moment. Action. She moved to a closet, opening it to a large decritive chest that sat on the floor, for no real purpose. Opening it, her hands quickly rumaged through it looking for somehting more appropriate that would appease her father in clothing style. The dark blue material of the dress folded easily as Arcana bunched it, walking back out, throwing it on the designed cusioned couch in her room. The overal red fabric, bold against the golden thread of the embroyded surface.

Her eyes finally met Van's, since she had walked into the room. The serious expression, cutting throuhg the air making normal men flinch and look away. Van stood their, used to her looks and expressions.

"Imprisionment.." Arcana said annoyed and angered, reminded of the disscusion wiht her father.

Van's voice laughed suddenly, earing a glare from the long black haired beauty that let out her hair from the pony tail. The smooth silky hair spilling out into her hair, around her shoulders.

"Its not Funny Van. I'm stuck here, in this place, not allowed to go anywhere, accept in these corridors of this prision of a house."

"Oh shush little spoiled rebel. Your over exaturating. Your a woman Arcana, a beautiful, well developed woman, yet, you still act like a child. You were more mature the day i met you."

Arcana's mouth opened to protest, stopping as Van raised a hand, stopping Arcana's words.

"Let me finish, Your a freespirt. Your body cna't sit still, its a wonderful gift and a curse. As hard as it is to stay in one place though, you can do it. Calm down, take a deep breath, what won't kill you, will make you stronger. Besides there are advantages to your delemia. Work on your style, research, catch up on your lack of sleep, by, oh i don't know Sleeping. Relax even. If you don't you'll have more gray hair then the head if you keep up the way your going."

Arcana sighed, staring at the dark haired boy for a few minutes, neither of the two's expression changing.

"Get out." Arcana's voice said, softly yet firm in her words.

"Excuse me? All I was trying to show you possibilities and you kick me out?"

"Calm down Van...How am I supposed to be a dignified "lady" If I change with men in my room?" Arcana said, her voice changing joking, friendly even.

Van smiled, laughing, turning walking out teh door, peaking in.

"Are you sure? I could help you out of your clothing real nice if you'd allow me the pleasure." Van's voice said suggestively, causing Arcana to laugh, walking over, pushing the boys head out of the door way easily wiht her hand, shutting the door.

"Goodbye Van."