Please, Take Me Home
By Lady Glass

Silently screaming

Holding her

Oh so tight

In your deadly


You're killing her

And taking away

What she tried,

Sadly she tried,

To protect from


And dying, she cries

"Please, take me home!"

Sneering, you stare

And you

Rip her up

From the heart

To the body


I'll never forgive


Because you've killed

My best friend

And you've taken away

What she can't get back

Raped her of love

And ripped up her heart

You can't commit a crime

Without facing

The consequences

These ones are deadly

You're going to pay

For what you did to her

And you're going

To remember

That night

The black-ink sky

Opened up

And, in your arms,

She screamed,

"Please, take me home!"