By Lady Glass

Twisted bodies and a rotting corpse
Your oh-so-beloved hung by a rope
Feet above the ground, she's flying, she's dying

Moans of pain and screams of hate
Pierce your ears and stab your heart
Circle around her neck, she's joking, she's choking

Mistress 1 has blond hair and holds you realtight
Mistress 2 has green eyes and treats you just right
Mouth hung open, she's speaking, she's shrieking

Forgotten, she's hung by the broken fan
Forgotten, she's covered in your blood
Forgotten she was, forgotten she is

You hated her, you loved her
You used her and abused her

The bruises on her arms aren't your imagination
Those memories in your head aren't a dream from last night
Forgotten, you left her alone in that room

Forgotten you left her, a rope and a chair
Forgotten she was, forgotten she is
Forgotten she is, and forgotten she remains