From the creators of "Seelly Leetle Poem" comes this story of a pastry finding true love. Based on the lost masterpiece of Amethystdawn and Jamaican Jen with contributions from bloodchild39 and see0h, a new poem is born...

a/n: This poem is written entirely by Amethystdawn. The gingerbread man is the property of the author while the wolf belongs to Jamaican Jen. Hope everyone likes it.

Quest of the Gingerbread man

Gingerbread man, Gingerbread man
He rose up from a cookie pan
To Yonder Princess he was sent to kiss
But his fated quest went amiss

He met a wolf along the way
Clad in black, fur of gray
Fell in love with the beast
His search for bliss
He thought had ceased

They planned to marry one day
On a merry June or May
Gingerbread planned to wear a pastry crown
And a long white satin gown

Alas, Alas things weren't well
For the wolf wanted to wear the crown as well
They argued and fought
Until the crown was bought

The fat man ate the crown on the way home
When the wolf's beret had suddenly been thrown
"That's it" he said "the wedding is off!"
He stomped away with a scoff

Gingerbread man sat on a rock
He wept and clutched the wolf's sock
Oh he could have been a lovely bride
With his sexy wolf by his side

The hideous fairy swiftly appeared
"What are you weeping for?" she jeered
Sad sobs turned into screams
The ugly fairy was much too ugly it seemed

She threw him maps and charts
As he smelled her stinky farts
To Yonder Princess she told him to go
Even though he did not wish so

Still Gingerbread traveled through hills and plains
He wondered if he were truly insane
As he climbed up every mountain high
Not forgetting the gray wolf he left behind

After a time, he sadly arrived
At the tower where Yonder Princess thrived
He went up the steps one by one
When all he really wanted was to run

At the top, a door he met
On it engraved "Your fate is set"
He bravely opened the door
What he saw made his heart soar

'Twas not a golden-haired princess on the bed
But his beloved wolf dressed all in red
"Hey baby" The creature couldn't help but smile
Gingerbread man was like a little child

All he could do was stand and stare
Approaching his love he could not dare
So the handsome wolf walked over to him
On the candy eyes did tears brim

Far away the ugly fairy cackled aloud
As she sat and farted on a cloud
She had planned all of this

But neither wolf nor pastry cared

As they shared one sweet kiss...

Amethystdawn: This isn't very organized nor is it half as fantastic as the original work, but I do hope you guys liked it. Please review. It would be much appreciated. Hugs and God bless all of you!

PS: Thanks to all the people I've bugged for comments while writing this. You know who you are!