The Silence of Katie Black

On a train to Holly's Hollow sat a tall man with long brown hair that was tied back into a ponytail. He wore a very fine suit and tiny glasses that sat on the tip of his nose. The man reached into his briefcase and pulled out a leather-bound notebook. He opened it, and then began to read aloud.

'Young woman, approximately 28 years of age. Cause of death, drowning though hand marks were found around her neck. She had no known relatives or acquaintances.'

'This is impossible,' he muttered

'Do you mind if I sit with you?' said a voice. The man looked up and saw a tall woman.

'Not at all,' said the man and she sat down in front of him. 'Allow me to introduce myself, I am Inspector Geoffrey Locke and you are?'

'Belinda Johnson,' said the woman

'It's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance Ms. Johnson,' said Locke

'The pleasure is all mine Inspector,' said Belinda 'Heading to Holly's Hollow are you?'

'Yes indeed. I am working on murder case,' said Locke and Belinda's eyes widened with interest.

'Really, which one?' she asked Locke looked taken aback.

'Which?' he repeated, 'You mean to say that this place has many murders?'

'Not terribly, just a few odd and a really famous one,' said Belinda 'It happened 7 years ago. A father and son were killed within days of each other, but the father was killed in the middle of his living room next to the body of a young woman thought to be his mistress.'

'Who killed them?' Locke asked intrigued

'Well, the wife of the man confessed to killing her husband and his lover but she said that she did not murder her son and she does not know why someone would. No one knew of the family prior to this incident. They kept to themselves and all three children were home schooled. He didn't work; he inherited a lot of money from his Uncle's business. So the question is?'

'Who killed the son and why?' said Locke and Belinda nodded. 'What happened to the family?'

'The youngest child, Marguerite was found cowering in a closet, covered in blood. The police wanted to ask her about what happened but her mother forbid it and the poor girl became a mute,' said Belinda darkly

'I could imagine,' said Locke 'and what about the others?'

'Well Mrs. Bordeaux died in jail only days before her trial. I was told she was a very sickly woman. Her daughters inherited everything. Marguerite and her elder sister became very wealthy. And what case are you working on?' Belinda asked

'Oh, a woman was found dead in a creek and no one seems to know who she is,' said Locke frowning.

'The creek,' Belinda repeated more to herself than to anyone else 'Ah yes, the Creek of Unthinkable Depths. That's the only creek in Holly's Hollow and it's only a short walk from the Bordeaux's manor.'

'Lovely name,' said Locke smiling 'Hmm, I will have to question the girls if they live so close to the creek.'

'Surely you don't suspect them Inspector?' Belinda exclaimed

'Since no one seems to know who this woman is, everyone's a suspect,' said Locke and they continued on chatting throughout their journey.

The train arrived at Holly's Hollow within 3 hours and Inspector Locke got off the train then said goodbye to Belinda.
He walked to the town square where Mr. Robert Downey was waiting for him. The two had met a week ago at his office when he hired him to solve the murder of an unknown woman.

'Good afternoon Inspector,' said Mr. Downey 'and welcome to Holly's Hollow.'

'Thank you Mr. Downey,' said Locke 'After I have been situated I would like to visit the scene of the crime.'

'Indeed Inspector,' said Mr. Downey 'I have someone to take us right there,' said Mr. Downey and within 20 minutes, the two of them were on their way to the Creek of Unthinkable Depths.

'This is where the young woman's body was found,' said Mr. Downey pointing to the edge of the creek 'A fishermen found her a fortnight ago.'

Locke made a few notes then turned to the large house not but a short walk away from the creek.

'The Bordeaux family lives there I presume?'

'Yes,' said Mr. Downey in surprise. 'You've heard of them?'

'I've made inquiries,' said Locke and Mr. Downey looked at him aghast.

'They're not suspects are they?'

'Certainly,' said Locke 'Knowing their history I'm surprised you've never suspected them,'

'What reason have they got to murder this woman?'

'That's what I'm here to find out Mr. Downey,' said Locke and Mr. Downey fell silent, staring at the creek. 'Mr. Downey, tell me, what is the identity of the Mr. Bordeaux's mistress?' he asked suddenly

'Her name was Katie Black,' said Mr. Downey 'Apparently she was engaged to the son, Timothy Bordeaux.'

'Wait,' said Locke brow furrowed 'This woman was engaged to the son, yet sleeping with the father?'

'That's what the wife said.'

'Hmm,' said Locke bro furrowed. 'Did anyone see this new woman before her death?'

'The innkeeper spoke to her.'

'I should very much like to speak to this man,' said Locke and with that Inspector Locke was taken to the inn. He sat down at a table with Mr. Downy who summed him to sit with them.

'Good evening sir. I am Inspector Locke and I have been told that you were the only person to speak with the woman who died. Is this true?' he asked

'Yes sir,' said the innkeeper

'Tell me what you know about her,' Locke asked

'Her name was Fleur Ponce. She said she was coming to see her half sister, Marguerite Bordeaux which I thought was funny because Mary and Marguerite have no living relatives. I was of course suspicious of the girl so I ask when the last time she saw her was. She said 7 years ago just before she got engaged. But that didn't make any since because Marguerite was never engaged, she was on eight then. The only one in her family who was engaged was the son, Timothy. But I still told her how to get to the Bordeaux's house and I saw her ride her bike up to the manor, than I went back inside. That was the last time I saw her.'

'Thank you very much for your cooperation sir,' said Locke standing up 'I should like to get some rest to think over this some more. I have a lot of questions to ask the Bordeaux's tomorrow. By the way, are the Bordeaux's French?'

'No,' said Mr. Downey 'As far as I know, they're English

'Thank you,' said Locke