A/N: Wrote this after hearing a cute little story about a guy who proposed to some girl under the tree in NYC. Besides that, I really can't explain this. Not my usual take on things. Anyways, R&R me, I'll R&R you.



Just roll the dice...10-2-05

A roll of the dice, babe
Just roll the dice,
All our luck can change
Gain a little
Lose a lot
Life seems to be...
Reality just dosen't exist
With you by my side
Forgetting everyone and everything..
You're my favorite place to hide
And seek
At the end of the week
With the neon lights glowing
And at midnight there's a showing
Of our favorite movies down at the cinema
With the city smell of everything in the air
Your perfume is my favorite aroma
I'm addicted to you like you are to me
I guess together we'd both be happy
Walking along these grimy city streets...
And somehow it's all like paradise to me
With you holding my hand
Your breath on my neck
Don't go too soon...
Please make it last
And to think a month ago

I didn't want you around
Now I need you, babe
Just to have a good time
Everyone needs some love
And you just give so much
Please, baby, kiss me, baby
I wanna feel your touch
Under the fabulous buildings we call home
If you're going back, you're not going alone
My heart is racing but it'd be wrong if it wasn't
We're on your couch now and we probably shouldn't
But here we are anywaylet's kiss anyway
Tell everyone to go away and we'll answer the phone another day
Right now its us, honey
Let's be us, honey
Just a roll of the dice
A roll of the dice