The Murder of the Innocents by writerforever

High in the mountains of Rwanda, Africa

His soft brown eyes observe his beautiful world. He rolls around on the ground making chuckling noises. He's happy and free. There with him is his mother and his father, the majestic silverback, along with the rest of the group he belongs too. This is the only life the infant gorilla has known. His eyes are filled with life and his black furry coat seems to shine underneath the sun.

The infant runs to his father who is lying on his back. Playfully the infant chuckles and climbs onto his father's chest. The majestic silverback does not mind but enjoys his son's company. With gentleness the silverback caresses his son's face with his hand. The infant lays his head down on his father's chest, enjoying the attention.

This peace, this serenity, is broken by the sounds of gunshots. The infant falls from his father's chest, hit by one of the bullets, a bullet that was meant for the silverback. Blood pours from the wound in the infant's stomach. With a short cry of pain he dies.

The silverback rises quickly and looks down at his little son's lifeless body. He is at first confused but then more bullets began to fly. He hears the sounds of men's' voices. Rage and anger fills the mighty silverback and he gives a loud roar. The rest of the group begin to run away. They are scattered throughout the thick vegetation. The men are still pursuing them. Many of the gorilla group are hit by the flying bullets. The beautiful and majestic creatures fall, shot, and their innocent blood covers the sacred ground.

With courage and determination the silverback charges towards the humans. His roar, filled with vengeance, echoes throughout the mountains. As he approaches the men he comes to an abrupt halt. The men stare at him, frightened at first.

Rising up on his hind legs, the silverback roars and charges forward. A gunshot is fired. A mighty thud can be heard. The silverbacks falls to the ground, hit in the heart by a bullet. He lies there still alive, but barely. Memories flash through his mind, memories of peace and of his long life that has come to an end here and now. Blood pours from his wound and he gasps and breathes heavily.

A human approaches and stands over his fallen body and fires another shot into his chest. The silverback grunts in pain and then he dies dreaming of peace.

The men walk through the bodies of the fallen gorillas, making sure they are all dead. When they come upon the dead infant the leader of the men picks up the lifeless infant by it's foot. Anger consumes him and he says:

"Which idiot shot the baby?! I wanted the little varmint to sell!"

He throws the infant into the thick vegetation and walks on.

"Alright men get started getting the merchandise," the leader orders.

The men then spread out and begin to approach each dead gorilla. They kneel down and grab a hold of the top of the majestic creatures' heads and with their machetes they cut the heads from the bodies, along with their hands and feet, which will be sold.

One man walks over to the dead infant and chuckles. He decides to take something for a souvenir to show his kids when he gets back to America. Picking up the infant the man chops off its' little hands and then places them in a bag.

The men are finally finished and they have their 'merchandise' so they head back down the mountain.

Silence abounds. Innocent blood stains the ground where what's left of the gorillas' bodies lay. The bodies seem to be crying out for justice. They seem to be crying out for their lives to be brought back.

Events like this one happens almost every day to the mountain gorillas of Africa. They are murdered by men who want their hands for ashtrays or just souvenirs, and their heads to hang upon their walls. As for the infants, they are usually captured to be sold to zoos for a large amount of money.

But there are people who are trying to put a stop to the killing of these majestic and beautiful creatures. It was the famed anthropologist, Dian Fossey, who first brought the need and attention for the mountain gorillas' protection against poachers to the public. Dian studied the mountain gorillas of Rwanda for many years. And for her efforts to protect them she was murdered in her cabin. But her legacy lives on and before she died she made a fund called The Digit Fun which was in memory of the famed silverback, Digit, of whom Dian was especially attached. Digit was brutally murdered protecting his group from poachers.

You can help save the mountain gorillas by becoming a member of what is now titled the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. Visit or to learn more about how you can help in the plight to save these wonderful creatures.

Have a heart and help stop the murdering of the innocents.