A letter lying on the floor
Dog-eared pages of three years past
She inks her pen puts nib to page
It's time to reply at long last.

"Dear You", she wrote, but then she stopped
But not for lack of things to say
A thousand thoughts all rush at once
She started with that time in May.

"My world collapsed, walls fell,
Nothing could fix my aching heart
If not for those surrounding me,
Life could have played a lethal card

A hopeful splutter, coughed and stuttered,
In the form of black salvation
The walls began to slowly rise
Still yet my world was of lacking creation.

I question me, the hope I hold,
That good, and trust, and kind must reign
That if at the end you get your due
The life before is worth the pain

For months I dabble, scrabbling for that,
Which might restore a part of me,
Endless new thoughts swirl through
But still I'm left, unanswered plea.

Later still, and still it's here,
The feeling that you may return
And even though you can't be mine
I'll take your words, and watch them burn.

I'll watch your lies and promise die,
And as they blacken, fade away
From the flames I'll surely shy,
And silently I'll pray

That your scrawl from years ago
Won't linger long, they'll swirl outside,
And cling to the stars, they'll dull the view
I'll take this script and torch it too.

My words will torch the moon itself
They'll float above and cleanse the stars
Leave nothing but a diamond view
Of space from Mercury To Mars

"Love, Me." she wrote, and let out a yawn.
You are no more. You're dead. You're gone.