The velvet petals

One last rose of summer buds

Soft memories linger

Will this last bud bloom?

Autumns harvest is present

Frost in the shadows

Soon earth will harden

Preparing for Winter's blast

Stalks of thorns prevail

Awaiting Springtime

New buds will burst forth…blooming

The velvet petals

As the curtain closes on this another Summer that has known the blooming of the roses yet still one bud lingers on the rose bush and I can not help to ask will this last bud bloom or will it be caught in the mist of a frosty chill as the starry night of Autumn dawns forth beckoning on the blanket of Winter and its flurries of snow that then gives us to wait and wait yet some more...till at last comes a Springtime's shower of cleansing rain with all of its Newness of Life and then the roses are given to bloom again...