My Suicide

I sit on my bed and cry,

Tears fall fast from my eyes,

I notice the kit laying on the table beside me,

I open it up, there's the scalpel I see,

I remove it from the case,

Walking into the bathroom, in the mirror, viewing my face,

A last tear falls as a decision I make,

This world, this life, is hell it's completely fake,

It will all end soon,

I fill the bathtub with hot water of doom,

I slowly slide the scalpel down my wrist,

I whine in pain and ball up a fist,

I cut deep from the bottom of my palm,

All the way to my forearm,

I look at the cut and think that just one is lame,

So to the other arm, I do the same,

I slip out of my clothes and into the water,

I feel my body getting hotter and hotter,

The blood doth show,

From the deep cuts, a crimson river flows,

I sink under, plunging deep into death,

As my parents enter the room, too late, I've taken my last breath,

I've finally put an end to my living hell,

I've taken my life and left an empty shell.