There's probably going to be people who might say that deer must be killed, that cows must be killed in order to have hamburgers and such, and they may think this is silly. But it is how I feel and I have finally seen the light and have been encouraged so greatly that I no longer eat meat because I believe every creature on this earth deserves to live. I hope you agree, but if not that's okay.

You can help protect certain species of animals by looking up certain organizations like the DFGFI (Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International) or other websites concerning the preservation of certain animals. We must do what we can.


When They Are Gone by writerforever

They shoot the graceful deer

They kill the humble cows

They murder the gentle gorillas

They capture the wild mustangs

They rip wild creatures from their homes

And place them in cages

But this, all this pain

All this killing

All this cruelty

Goes ignored by many humans

It doesn't seem to matter to them

That hundreds of innocent creatures

Are being murdered

That some are almost being wiped off the face of the earth

Excuses are made by us humans

Many say it doesn't really matter

They say the innocents are just a bunch of stupid animals

Who cares?

Will you care when they are all gone?

Will you finally realize their importance when it's too late?

Will you finally hear their mournful cry?

Will you finally make an effort to protect them?

Before many of them are finally killed off?

Will you miss them when some of them are gone?

Will you wish you had done something?

By then it will be too late

What will you do when they're gone?

What will you do?