The Boy From School

I see him across the hall,

He smiles at me, and I just want to fall,

He dresses in all black,

But personality he does not lack,

He's the most gorgeous boy I've ever seen,

With a face that, like the sun, gleams,

I see the passion in his eyes,

And my heart just flies,

We walk up to each other and interlock our hands,

There in front of me he stands,

The boy I love with all my heart,

Hoping no one will tear us apart,

I lean down to kiss him,

His lips are warm and welcoming, not the least bit grim,

We hold each other tight,

And kiss with all our might,

I fall into eternal bliss,

With his blinding kiss,

When our kiss ends,

My heart returns and mends,

I look deep into his eyes,

Seeing not a single lie,

His love is true and pure,

Mine is the same, of this I am sure,

We leave each other to go to class,

My eyes see him with one last flash,

I then become sad because I want to see him longer,

But I know this will only make our love stronger.