I hear you scream each night

You wake with dark circles

Drown yourself in coffee

What did he do to you?

You lie close to me

Legs wrapped round mine

Hands tangled in my hair

But you're trembling

I kiss you hopelessly

And I can feel your heart beat race

As tears leak silent down your cheek

What did he do to you?

You follow me around the house

Sweet and quiet – choking

Down the memory you will not share

So I take your hand and pour you tea

I let you say "I love you"

The hope in your voice overrides the fear

And I believe you 'cause you need me to

What did he do to you?

You curl up in the sunlight in the garden

I watch you from the window – praying

Dying for wishing I could make it go away

You know I'd switch places if I could

I think I can wait, think I have no choice

A year of falling out of bittersweet

Will temper daydreams of revenge

God, love, what did he do to you?