The wind has changed direction
As the spirit flies overhead
In dismay, she calls to power and luck
But the roots of immortality has been fed

Capturing an eye of malcontent
The spirit tries to redeem her land
Caught up in lies and deceit, however—
Power-hungry forces find treasure in rotten sand

Fires of infuriation
Burn valiantly beneath the spirit
Using her hand to sweep
One last time, she attempts to cleanse:
the dirt of thieves,
the mud of liars,
the rage of killers…
the truth of sin and fire
the rain of betrayal
the greed of corruption
the essence of terrorism
the aggression of tradition

To her dismay, the spirit wanders
The land of her youth does not cease
Her efforts for redemption forgotten
As the world sits down to dishonorably feast

A moan escapes
Cries of failure and frustration
The spirit finally realizes
What the Four held as instinct:
Equilibrium cannot be altered
Disease can't be undone
The spirit sinks into final death and shadow
All hope lost for the last Revolution.

Author's Note: equilibrium (n.) – 1. maintained consistency of excessive conservatism in culture and tradition, 2. unethical ways of the 21st century